Back To The Grind

Because of COURSE this is appropriate Monday morning music! The majority of us are getting up and getting our grind on in one way or another. This could become the official song of Monday morning…in my world.

Back on that grind means back to working out and stretching. After Saturday’s shoulderplant, I knew that some exercises were gonna suck, but I wasn’t sure which ones. Pullups/chinups were ok. Pushups were ok with only mild discomfort. Yes, everything was going along fine until it was time for weighted flys. That’s where shit got real. Real uncomfortable. I think that, until I figure out what I hurt or it heals itself, I’ll stick to doing those flys with no weights.

This shoulder is also putting a slight damper on my 28-day handstand challenge. Luckily, the way the program is set up, I think I have another day or two before it should actually start if I do it on their schedule rather than my own. Their program has a second portion which may be something I should just skip ahead to, but the arm strength struggles this morning say otherwise. I swear I’ve thrown myself backwards at least a month. Ah well, keep on truckin’.

In the land of win, I’m still experimenting with my mini loaf pans. Last night was caramel pecan banana bread. I think I overbaked it just a touch as I’d like it to be more moist, but flavor-wise, I’m pretty much on point. Texture-wise, I think I’m more around muffin than bread, but live and learn. I don’t bake enough to truly get better at it, but I also don’t bake enough to truly feel (and see) what happens when I eat too many baked goods. So there’s that. Also in the land of win, after a slight stretching hiatus, I was back at it this morning and was further down in my split than I have possibly ever been. My body just loves those lazy days and rewards me for them in better flexibility while it punishes me for them with decreased strength. Can’t win them all and I think that right now, I’m going to opt for flexy over strong. Or flexy over added strong.

Well, as per the norm, so much to do, so little time. Hit the showers, kid! Now go out there and conquer the world!

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