Going, Going, Back, Back

Those two things have nothing to do with each other! Or do they…..

About 8 years ago, I walked into my very first pole studio and took a class with Michelle (who’s currently teaching at Iron Flower in Miami). She was (and still is) bright, funny, and warm and made us all feel welcome in this crazy new world we had stepped into. Over time, I continued taking classes with wonderful ladies (Susan, Marissa, Jessica) and I really started to enjoy pole dancing.

About 1 year ago,I quit. Cold turkey. Walked away. And it wasn’t ALL for the right reasons. Some, yes, but some no. At times, I’ve missed it tremendously, but at other times, I’ve been happy to have been able to walk away. Now, I’m at a point in my life where my job stresses me all the entire way out pretty much every day and I find myself needing some sort of creative, physical release. And this is how the title and the video and this whole post are related – I’m going, going, back, back, to the studio, studio, and I’m bringing sexy back with it.

I started dabbling with aerial stuff, and it’s enjoyable, but I guess I prefer my aerials to be a little higher. Like flying trapeze high. I can’t dance for shit, so that’s out the window, and I can’t drive to the mountains *every* weekend (I mean, I could, but that’s a lot of mileage on the car) to go snowboarding. Pole. Enter, stage left. Yep, just no shoulder mounting right away because I typically do that on my right side and that’s the side that’s currently mildly broken. So,yeah, next week I’ll be seeing just how much pole-related strength I’ve lost and perhaps how much pole-related flexibility I’ve gained. Fun!

I’d love to stay and chat all day, but previously mentioned source of stress likes me to show up on time and showered, so it’s time for me to be off.

Have you ever walked away from something/someone and made your way back?

2 thoughts on “Going, Going, Back, Back

  1. One thing that I stepped away from during my college years… Was that I started school as a Music Major. I knew that I loved music, and it was what I was good at. I learned SO much, and improved sooo much.

    But then took a look, and thought about it – if I keep going at this pace, I’m going to get burnt out, and not enjoy it anymore. I decided to change my major course of study to Math, something that I was good at, and learning it wouldn’t ruin my love for it.

    I continued as a Music minor, and took supplemental classes. I have always continued to play, and now have taken in students! so, yes, I did come back to it in the end, because I do enjoy piano, and teaching it and learning more.

    1. I’m gonna make you a guest blogger until you decide to make your own! Your comments are always well thought out and written. Join us…..brains….oops, not that zombie part. 😀

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