Step Your Game Up

My apologies if you watched that and it’s stuck in your head. Actually, my apologies if you watched that.

Last weekend, when we went up to Keystone, driving in the snow like maniacs, as do many people, we stopped at McDonald’s for breakfast. And in a McDonald’s, of all places, is where I came to the realization that I needed to up my ass game. Conversation went like this once we got back in the car:

Brother: Lots of nice butts in there.

Hubby: Yup.

Me: Did you see the pink one?

Hubby: Kinda flat.

Brother: Runner’s butt. Now, the one in black…

Me: OMG, I know. Her ass was phenomenal. *sigh* I need to do more squats.

Before you ask, no, I’m never satisfied. I’ll keep working out and stretching and learning because there’s just always room for improvement. If you think there isn’t, you’re only lying to yourself. The rest of us know the truth.

So, yeah, do I wanna have that ass that makes people stop and stare? Of course. Will my knees allow that much squatting? Probably not. Damn you, knees! Although you did hold up well during squats at Zumba last night. I shall train you to accept squats and love them. Lift! Lift, lift, lift I say, ass muscles! Hmm, I don’t think yelling helps. Oh well.

No pictures today, but my split is closer than it’s ever been. I’m measuring with a yoga block and the, umm, highest part of my middle, lol, is barely not touching the block. This is progress. This is also the year I do this damn thing!

You can reach your goals. I will be living proof. Splitscake!

Say What?