Time Is All The Luck You Need

Let me repeat. Time is all. The luck you need.

Last night, we were chatting about playing the lottery and I said that Lovey should do it as he is more lucky than I. He said that he had probably used up all of his luck. Now I’m sitting here thinking. We’re healthy and happy with a roof over our heads and never empty bellies. We’ve had a great 8.5 years and hopefully many more ahead. This has all happened over time and will continue to happen over time. Time. Is all. The luck you need. 7M3, always powerful.

If you somehow couldn’t tell, me and music go way, way back. There are songs that remind me of certain times, places, people, or some combination of those things. Some songs make me laugh (You Be Illin’, Mesa Con Mas Aplauda), some bring a tear to right below the surface (Never Say Goodbye, You Mean The World To Me), and some are simply meant for dancing (A Lover Is Forever, Dynamite). There is simply music for almost every moment and every mood in my life. (It just hit me how much I miss group choreography and the laughs that ensued out of all of that.)

Well, a whole day has gone by between the last word in the previous paragraph and the beginning of this one. As such, tomorrow morning’s post will probably be a long one.

Say What?