I'm in love with a stripper


MWAHAHAHAHA, not really.  I don't know any strippers and I'm not the type of girl to fall in love with random people on the street.  Me?  I'm just an SIT (stripper-in-training).  HA!  No, again, not really.  I don't know any strippers and I don't plan on being one.  I'm also not in love with myself although, in my cockier days, I once said something along the lines of "Sometimes I look in the mirror and I look so good that I wanna have sex with myself."  But that was in the cockier days of several years ago.

I've been taking pole dancing lessons.  Here.  I don't care what anyone says, it's one hell of a workout.  I don't know if I'll make it through all six levels of classes, but if I don't run out of money, I probably will.  The first level was really cool.  The teacher was chill, gave great explanations, created a comfortable setting for us.  I learned some nifty stuff.  (I really have to get a pole for the house.)  Currently, I'm in level two, since two comes after one.  I'm not afraid to say that in the first class, I was none too thrilled with the teacher.  I couldn't quite put a finger on it, but I knew I wasn't happy.  Ok, maybe I could put a finger on it.  She was calling me by the wrong name.  Constantly.  Even with it written down right in front of her.  Granted, my name is not the easiest, but if it's printed on paper in front of you, I expect you to be able to sound it out.  It just irked me to the point of not enjoying the class.

Class is only once a week, so I decided that I was going to purposely call her by the incorrect name the next week.  Well, I didn't make it to that class due to unforeseen circumstances (that are still outstanding, btw, see On Rejection.  I emailed, it's still open, blah blah blah.)  So, last Wednesday, it was back to class.  I sat outside in my car before class, trying to clear my head of any bad thoughts regarding previous classes.  I'm pretty sure it worked and maybe I even sent some happy vibes into the class.

I went in and got my mat and got set up and after everyone got settled, the teacher started to take attendance.  Once again, she said my name wrong, but nearly before I could say anything, she corrected herself and apologized for having been saying it wrong.  Well then.  I accept your apology, let's swing on the pole.  I figured out why I wasn't a fan of the teacher.  It isn't her personally, it's her teaching style.  But, once I adjusted the way I looked at things, I was able to be more receptive to the way she was teaching.

At the end of the class, someone asked when we would be learning upside down on the pole to which the teacher responded not until level 5.  I don't have any patience when it comes to learning something I really want to learn, so when she dropped the 5-bomb, I wasn't happy.  She proceeded to tell me how difficult it was and blah, blah, blah.  I said look, I'm a circus freak.  She asked if I had ever gone upside down and I told her no so she did it and then I did it.  Yep, hip hop abs in full effect, y'all.  Thanks Shaun T!  She suggested that I speak to the owner about getting moved up some levels. 

As an aside, I did contact the owner and she said that she would ask my teacher how I did so maybe next session I could sign up for the pussycat dolls class where you learn stuff like the videos that I've never seen.

So yeah, I guess I'm excited about class.  Swing me the bar, please, I'm listo.  HEP!

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