Senility is not an excuse

Just recounted this story at lunch and Roboco said it would be a good post so here it is:

When I was freshly dating Kiddo's sperm donor in '92, his mom was no big fan of mine.  She hadn't met me, she only knew the color of my skin.  In and of itself, I really didn't care.  I didn't have to deal with the woman so her opinion was only that.

One day, we needed to stop by his mother's house for some reason that I can't recall.  This is the day that I had the great pleasure of meeting his grandmother (Oma) for the first, and last time.  This woman was old.  I mean how-are-you-still-functioning old.  She was also straight off the boat German.  So on this particular day, Oma's sitting in the kitchen when we walk in.  She talked to him for a few minutes before seeming to acknowledge my presence.  Even still, she doesn't speak to me, but she asks him:

"Who's your DARKIE friend?"

No, not in an aside, not in a whisper, in full old lady voice and without a hint of regard for my feelings or what would be PC in the next 10 years.  My jaw may have hit the floor.  I'm pretty sure I had to just leave the room cuz, really, what do you say to an old crazy lady like that?

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