Who invited Monday?

Friday, Saturday, Sunday and I were having a party and Monday crashed it.  Boo for Monday.  It wouldn't be so bad if 5:15 didn't come quite so early.  On top of it, there was a mighty storm raging this morning and that just makes me want to stay in bed.

Part of me loves the weekend, sleeping in, a relaxing family breakfast (that really isn't relaxing when you keep shushing people and dogs out of the kitchen to get everything on plates at the right time), online poker, Heineken Light, and of course, FOOTBALL!  But there's this other part of me that knows that while I'm doing all those things, there are other things that I should be doing like reading the no less than 5 books I have open and started, working on the business or trying to get at least an outline done for the book,which will probably be a dirty e-book.  Am I that unmotivated?  Apparently, yes, I am.

Saturday was a good day as we traveled to the Keys to pick up our pooch who has been on vacation at Lovey's mom's house since last week.  Lovey's mom has two Jack Russell's that wore our poor dog Brandy out.  She was so happy to see us and to know in her doggie head that she was mere hours from laying on the cold tile floor under the A/C doing absolutely nothing.  Lovey's mom made a spectacular lasagne that we munched on all weekend.

Sunday brought an unexpected surprise: the Steelers on TV!  I refuse to give in and get NFL ticket mainly because it's an arm and a leg even in four installments.  I've looked at the schedule a million times already to see which games I'll get to see on broadcast TV (5 night games for sure) and which we might need to check out at a local bar (2, maybe 3 since one's on my birthday [my present=Steelers over lying, cheating Patriots]).  So I was absolutely stoked to see the boys on TV this week as it wasn't a night game or one that had bar plans.  Even better that they beat the Niners 37-16.  On the down side, I'm getting my ass handed to me in fantasy football this week unless Drew Brees has some miraculous recovery from the sucking he's beein doing in the first two weeks.  Go Saints!

So, now's the time to get on the ball.  So much to do.  So much potential.  I just have to go for it and stop being afraid of rejection.  And I'm asking for your help.  Please feel free to drop me a note every once in a while (not every day, wise guy) to make sure I'm doing what I should be doing.  Don't be mean, I might cry.  Probably not, but don't be mean anyways.  Thanks and I'm out.


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