The five-assed monkey lives!

Some time back, I had the opportunity to go to the zoo.  This isn't just any zoo, mind you, it's the Mexico City zoo.  Yup, D.F.  I really loved my time in Mexico, but I digress.

You see, I was under the impression that the five-assed monkey only lived at the top of the hill in the crazy genetic scientist's lab.  He may even have been just a figment of someone's deluded imagination, but I was wrong.  He lives in the zoo in Mexico City.  I even got a picture of him.



I hope that you can see him well in all of his glory.  He's a beautiful five-assed specimen.

Sure the zoo has other critters too, you know, lions and tigers, and bears, oh my.  Bears.  It was bear feeding time when we got to the bears.  So adorable the pandas eating their lettuce and apples.  The koalas and a couple other random bears.  All hanging out, having a little party, a luncheon if you will.  So cute, until you see that one poor bear was left out of the party.

Poor guy, all alone, no one to bear talk to, no one to give a bear hug.  Poor black bear.  Whatchya havin for lunch buddy?  Apples, lettuce, carrots?  No?  So what do you have there?  What?  Really?  They gave you that?

So what do you think the black bear was eating all by his lonesome?  And really, I couldn't just make this up.  One black bear, separate from the other bears, eating watermelon.  I kid you not.  I'm sure that I nearly busted a gut laughing at this.  Since when do bears know about segregation and stereotypes?!?!

This capped off a wonderful day at the zoo.  I got a great tiger picture too.

Mexico City rules!  Don't let anyone tell you otherwise and if you go, make sure to stop by Litros where all the drinks, no matter what they are, come in a one litre container.  That's a whole different post though. 🙂

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