QotD: My Dream Room

In your ultimate dream house, what does your favorite room look like?

Well, if I'm in my dream house, then I must be living my dream life, i.e I'm not working for the rest of my dream life.  Were that the case, my favorite room would be my library.  It has a minimum of 400 square feet.  Along 3 of the walls are floor to ceiling bookcases filled with every book I've ever read or wanted to read, and trust me, that fills up a lot of space.  Since it's my dream, one wall will be for paperbacks, but the other two will be for hardcovers.  The third wall will have floor to ceiling windows with a fireplace smack dab in the middle of that wall. 

Two ceiling fans will rotate on low at all times to push the heat from the fireplace down, as the center of the room will be sunken.  The flooring around the sunken area will be a spectacular tile, but down below, in my special area (get your mind out of the gutter), will be a deep, plush carpet, comfortable enough to lay down on, but there will be no need for that as there will be beanbags, reclining chairs, and anything else I can think of as furniture.

Did I mention that my library has a bar and a bathroom off to the side, accessible through a hidden panel like Batman?  Well, it does.  Now be quiet so I can read.

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