A career dilemna

What do you do when you are unhappy with your job?  Look for something else?  Try to make it fun by taking the screws out of people's chairs?  Replace all the regular coffee with decaf?  I suppose the first one is what to do.  The question then becomes: Is it time to switch fields?  The answer: Maybe.

Here's the problem.  I don't enjoy what I do, I'm not good at what I like, and (for various liefstyle reasons) I can't do what I love.  Let's work backwards.  I love bartending.  It's a ton of fun, you meet great people, and the money is spectacular.  Unfortunately, I reside in the Miami area which means it doesn't really matter if you have 10 years of experience, if your boobs aren't twice the size of your head, you don't get hired.  Might I go under the knife someday and have boobs about half the size of my head? Possibly. (Not to get a job and not to fit in here in Miami and not because my boyfriend wants me to – because he doesn't – but because I, the ultimate tomboy, have maybe grown out of my tomboy ways and would like to shoot for feminine.  So shoot me. 

Bartending's strike two is the hours.  I used to be quite the night owl, but anymore I can't stay up past 11 as sad as that is.  I'm sure I could readjust, but I don't think my family would.  And speaking of the family…

Strike three – most bars aren't going to offer health insurance, 401k, vacation, or any of the other perks (besides free booze) that go along with corporate America.  I might be able to work around strikes one and three, but strike two carries the most weight.

I'm a super computer nerd.  I like to build websites.  I have a wicked sense of humor.  Unfortunately, I have the artistic skills of a 3 hour old puppy.  This is bad for a web designer.  I'm hoping that I can learn this skill, but I fear that it is something that one is born with and I got a sarcasm skill instead.  If I sleep with art books under my pillow, will I wake up the next Nagel, Kugler, or Picasso? (Yes, I like the abstract stuff.)

I work in an office.  Some people are nice, some are not.  I know that this I cannot change.  My job is kinda mindless and I like to believe that I'm smarter than this.  My constant task is to figure out what to do.  I guess MasterCard is right.

Gas and tolls to get to work: $100 a month

Health insurance for you and your child : $300 a month

Having a job you actually love:  PRICELESS


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