After yesterday's crapfest, today is much better. :-)  Even my horoscope says so:

Unexpected communication from someone special – most likely another woman – is likely to brighten your entire day, MiamiShyner. Even the subtlest of comments can take you to the Moon and back. You delight in the little things, and it does not take much to amuse you. There is plenty for you to be amused about today, and you will find that you happily bounce from one subject to the next, not to mention one feeling to the next.

I wonder who's gonna call or write today?!?!  The anticipation!!  SQUEE!

Oh, and I'm going to Zumba tonight.  Loves me some working out.  AND, I'm finally gonna get my lazy bum back over to the rig because I miss flying like nobody's business.

So much to do, so much time to do it in.


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Back from the depths

No, I didn't actually go anywhere, I just realized that I haven't been blogging lately.  So here I am to fill your day with random drivel.  I think it'll be bullet points or I'll get too long-winded.

  • OFFENDED! - A temp at work asked her supervisor if we would be dismissed from work early on the Friday before MLK day (as we are usually dismissed early before holidays).  Temp's supervisor said (paraphrase) "No, that's not an important holiday."  Hmmm.  Ballsy thing to say.  Even ballsier thing to say when you're speaking to someone of color.  Temp went to HR to complain.  Complaint duly noted.  Temp given walking papers, at the end of the day of course, within 5 business days of complaining.  Obviously planned as temp's replacement arrived the following morning.  Anyone else see a problem with this?
  • ENROLLED! – Not only am I now enrolled in a degree program, Lovey is too.  We'll have Associate's degrees for his birthday next year and Bachelor's degrees for my birthday the following year I do believe.  He's a fixer and I'm an investigator.
  • COMFORTED! – At least at first.  We got a new mattress and it's a whole hell of a lot better than our old mattress.  First night of sleep on it was wonderful (but assisted by a prescription).  Second night of sleep, not so good.  I had very random scary and depressing dreams, in one, there were kids that I knew the background on for whatever reason although I didn't know them.  White girl, black boy, struggling to keep it together.  There was water, they were both in it.  She was trying to save him (cuz we all know black folks can't swim) but he realized that he was dragging her down and let go.  Strangest part is that I saw all of this in an M. Night Ramalamadingdong, Lady In the Water style from underneath and in the water.  Third night, no better.  First my boss busted me looking at at work which somehow switched to a friend died (said friend happened to have been at the house that night too).  Overall disturbing.
  • DISGUSTED! – With Miami.  Still.

That's it for now.  Check back later for more bitching and moaning.  Lurve you Voxers.

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The Lieday Frist – II

Another week has passed us by already and again, I have nothing of substance of which to speak so lists make it all better.

  • There are officially 47 days until I will be trying not to bust my ass snowboarding at Park City.  I am excited, although not as excited as some others in the house.
  • Having a heart catheter isn't as big of a deal as I originally thought it was.  Very quick procedure for which they didn't even administer any good drugs. (Not for me, for my mom)
  • Mom's fine.  Has a strong ticker.  Will probably be around for many more years.
  • I am an evil pop tart.  Chocolate Frosted Vanilla Creme, if you must know.  That is quite apt if you think about the structure of that pop tart as it relates to me.
  • NaNoWHAT?.  Not one word.  Thoughts bouncing around in my head but not one word on paper.    There's always next year.
  • I am finally getting my own "space" in the house.  Took some throwing out of stuff and there will be some rearranging over the weekend, but I will have a (small) space all my own to put a desk and a chair so I can work.
  • I made the biggest, unhealthiest, ooeyest, gooeyest 10 pound pan of macaroni and cheese last night.  I think the folks at work will love it.
  • I am 23 days away from being 34 years old and the nurse at the hospital thought that I wasn't old enough to DRIVE!  HAHAHAHAHAHA, um, I believe the phrase is "Black don't crack."  At least that's what my dad told me.
  • A friend of mine in NY who runs a business wherein he would love to have me come work as we've worked together before wanted to know if I could be like a timeshare.  Spend the summer in NY working and then come back to FL in the winter.  I found this amusing.  Also impossible.  Darn.
  • How much effort do you think it would take to get random people to give me 50 cents or a dollar?  Could I get 3000 people to give me 50 cents?  1500 to give me a dollar?  Just wondering.
  • Why does it cost $600 to fly to Honduras from Miami?  Seriously.  Painful.
  • Hi, my name is MiamiShyner and I'm a procrastinator.  Sorry I'm late for the meeting, but I kept putting off getting ready.
  • Oh, don't hate on my "boots walk".  Today, I just feel like I look good and therefore I will do the walk.  Strut.  Confidence.  HA!  That's hot.
  • Is it too early to start thinking about New Year's Resolutions that I'm not going to keep?
  • I do not have a penis (attached to me) so I wish I would stop receiving emails offering to enhance my non-existing penis.
  • Man, I'm just rambling.
  • Considering my lack of ability to focus, I sometimes wonder if I have adult ADD. 

Okay, that's just about enough out of you, young lady.  Go to your room!  And have an ass-kicking weekend all!


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A career dilemna

What do you do when you are unhappy with your job?  Look for something else?  Try to make it fun by taking the screws out of people's chairs?  Replace all the regular coffee with decaf?  I suppose the first one is what to do.  The question then becomes: Is it time to switch fields?  The answer: Maybe.

Here's the problem.  I don't enjoy what I do, I'm not good at what I like, and (for various liefstyle reasons) I can't do what I love.  Let's work backwards.  I love bartending.  It's a ton of fun, you meet great people, and the money is spectacular.  Unfortunately, I reside in the Miami area which means it doesn't really matter if you have 10 years of experience, if your boobs aren't twice the size of your head, you don't get hired.  Might I go under the knife someday and have boobs about half the size of my head? Possibly. (Not to get a job and not to fit in here in Miami and not because my boyfriend wants me to – because he doesn't – but because I, the ultimate tomboy, have maybe grown out of my tomboy ways and would like to shoot for feminine.  So shoot me. 

Bartending's strike two is the hours.  I used to be quite the night owl, but anymore I can't stay up past 11 as sad as that is.  I'm sure I could readjust, but I don't think my family would.  And speaking of the family…

Strike three – most bars aren't going to offer health insurance, 401k, vacation, or any of the other perks (besides free booze) that go along with corporate America.  I might be able to work around strikes one and three, but strike two carries the most weight.

I'm a super computer nerd.  I like to build websites.  I have a wicked sense of humor.  Unfortunately, I have the artistic skills of a 3 hour old puppy.  This is bad for a web designer.  I'm hoping that I can learn this skill, but I fear that it is something that one is born with and I got a sarcasm skill instead.  If I sleep with art books under my pillow, will I wake up the next Nagel, Kugler, or Picasso? (Yes, I like the abstract stuff.)

I work in an office.  Some people are nice, some are not.  I know that this I cannot change.  My job is kinda mindless and I like to believe that I'm smarter than this.  My constant task is to figure out what to do.  I guess MasterCard is right.

Gas and tolls to get to work: $100 a month

Health insurance for you and your child : $300 a month

Having a job you actually love:  PRICELESS


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