Back from the depths

No, I didn't actually go anywhere, I just realized that I haven't been blogging lately.  So here I am to fill your day with random drivel.  I think it'll be bullet points or I'll get too long-winded.

  • OFFENDED! - A temp at work asked her supervisor if we would be dismissed from work early on the Friday before MLK day (as we are usually dismissed early before holidays).  Temp's supervisor said (paraphrase) "No, that's not an important holiday."  Hmmm.  Ballsy thing to say.  Even ballsier thing to say when you're speaking to someone of color.  Temp went to HR to complain.  Complaint duly noted.  Temp given walking papers, at the end of the day of course, within 5 business days of complaining.  Obviously planned as temp's replacement arrived the following morning.  Anyone else see a problem with this?
  • ENROLLED! – Not only am I now enrolled in a degree program, Lovey is too.  We'll have Associate's degrees for his birthday next year and Bachelor's degrees for my birthday the following year I do believe.  He's a fixer and I'm an investigator.
  • COMFORTED! – At least at first.  We got a new mattress and it's a whole hell of a lot better than our old mattress.  First night of sleep on it was wonderful (but assisted by a prescription).  Second night of sleep, not so good.  I had very random scary and depressing dreams, in one, there were kids that I knew the background on for whatever reason although I didn't know them.  White girl, black boy, struggling to keep it together.  There was water, they were both in it.  She was trying to save him (cuz we all know black folks can't swim) but he realized that he was dragging her down and let go.  Strangest part is that I saw all of this in an M. Night Ramalamadingdong, Lady In the Water style from underneath and in the water.  Third night, no better.  First my boss busted me looking at at work which somehow switched to a friend died (said friend happened to have been at the house that night too).  Overall disturbing.
  • DISGUSTED! – With Miami.  Still.

That's it for now.  Check back later for more bitching and moaning.  Lurve you Voxers.

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  1. the thing with the temp would've pissed me off…. unfortunately, there's nothing they can REALLY do, you know? you have like, no rights as a temp… and i know this cuz i've spent some time as a temp. hehe.

  2. It's aggravating, that's for sure. I'm just trying to keep my head low but my chin up as I need a source of income, lol. Two years and I'll "officially" be intelligent though and hopefully I'll be able to find something a little more fulfilling. 🙂

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