Rebirth of Slick

Yes, indeed. I’m cool like that. (That’s a Digable Planets reference for those of you who are unaware.  Educate yourself here: (

re·birth/rēˈbərTH/ – The action of reappearing or starting to flourish or increase after a decline; revival. 
Sarcee – hardiness, stubborn
Wachiwi – girl who dances

That is where I am right now.  Out with the old (Facebook) and in with the new! You see, I’m putting all, well almost all else to the side and centering my focus on artistic and creative me.  That means more dancing, more circus, more yoga, and more writing. A happier, more well-rounded me.

I believe that every pole dancer could/might go through this rebirth process.  Maybe you don’t delete your Facebook and start over, but you re-dedicate yourself to your art.  We come to this point for many different reasons. Some of us have decided to just be more serious about our art; some of us are just coming into ourselves in pole dancing and decide immediately to have the re-birth as a pole dancer; some of us have hit a plateau and need to step up our game in order to continue. For me, it’s a combination of finding a new level of serious and finding a new level of fitness.

The same as many of the ladies whom I have met through Boulder Spirals, I’m feeling as though I’ve reached a point where I cannot continue to progress until I have gained more strength, and on a lesser level, more flexibility. As such, today started another round of P90X.  About a month ago, I had started P90X2, but I found that I just couldn’t get into it the way that I do for the original.  After the last round of P90X, I was doing pole cats for days. Today, not so much, but I will get back there.  So, yes, get ready for even MORE push-ups! It’s for me, but it’s for you! Get on this fit train with me!

In terms of flexibility, of course, I’ll keep stretching and foam rolling at home as often as possible, but I’ve also added a weekly Bikram yoga class to the routine. Yesterday was my first class and all I can say is holy smokes.  More often than not, the reason I will try an activity a few times and then quit it is because it does not challenge me and/or I can’t get out of my head long enough to enjoy it.  This is certainly not the issue with Bikram.  I pushed myself and boy did I sweat. I hung my clothes up after class and I think they’re STILL wet! I live in Colorado! There’s no humidity here! Being in that beautiful heat and sweating like my first day in Mexico was absolutely wonderful. Even though I’m still exhausted the next day, I am very much looking forward to next week’s class.

Usually, when one gets serious about pole dancing, one purchases a pole. When one reaches re-birth, one dusts off the cookie jar to prepare it to hold a new dream.  With a pole already in my possession and no dedicated pole space, I grow weary of the set-up/take down process, almost as much as my husband tires of seeing the pole in the living room and maneuvering the coffee table around it.  The time has come to start saving up for an X-Stage. No more up and down plus the ability to pole in the back yard…..or the front if the HOA messes with me. It is exactly 8 months from my birthday and I think that an X-Stage will be a fantastic present to myself.  Weeeee!

So what about you? Are you ready to be re-born? Have you already? Wherever you are in your journey, I hope that you’ll keep pressing on. And if you ever hit a rough spot or a plateau, know that I, along with all of team Boulder Spirals, will be there to provide instruction, guidance, words of encouragement, and a whole lotta love! *Led Zepplin guitar riff!*

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  1. Where did you take that yoga class? I’ve wanted to branch out and try some new stuff too, because I could definitely use some extra flexibility..:)

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