I Keep Falling Off the Writing Wagon

Yup, slipped off, but I’m ready to go again. Some interesting things have happened in the past week, but I can’t write about those just yet. Hopefully soon though.

In the meantime, I decided that I want to do a competition. Just one. Not really caring about win, lose, or draw, just wanting the training and the experience. And in order to train for this competition possibly in 2012, perhaps in August, but likely in 2013, it’s time for P90X2!! Bring it!

First thing I notice is that the new version uses a lot of new equipment – stability ball, medicine balls,foam roller, and the new and improved chin-up bar. As per the norm, there are variations that can be done if you don’t have any of the equipment. (Pssst, the new and improved chin-up bar is the same as the new Iron Gym.) There’s a lot less Ab Ripper X (yay!) and no Kenpo or Kenpo-tpye activity (sad face) and there are two, count em, TWO rest days. Wednesday and Sunday. Of course there’s an option for those days that’s some sort of recovery.

The calendar is a bit different with no Classic, Lean, and Doubles, but an option to do the first section for 3 or 6 weeks, same for the second section, and 3 weeks for the last section. I can’t remember off the top of my head what the third section is but the first and second are foundation and strength respectively.

Today was Core. Thank you boxing and thank you pole for prepping me for this. It was still difficult, I still broke a sweat, but it wasn’t as awful as the first day of P90X the first go ’round. Use of the foam roller, stability ball, and medicine balls were featured in this one. I liked it although by 5 in the evening, I was already feeling a bit sore. (I worked out at 6 this morning.) Luckily, after work was a great time for a hot shower and stretching. Works much better after work.  Tomorrow is Plyocide.  Plyocide. That sounds like suicide (or homicide) by plyometrics. I have a strong feeling that I’ll be crying before halfway through. Follow that up with a pole class and I’ll be surely ready for the rest day on Wednesday…that I won’t take, lol. No pain, no gain.

I s’pose that’s it for today. Come back tomorrow when I am hoping that my fingers will still be working after that workout. Funcicles!

Say What?