Vagina-Fueled Arms

I promised that I would use that as the title of my next blog seeing as how I’m not starting a band any time soon.

Motivation and Movement.  These are the two things that could be useful in propelling me to the next level (whatever that may be), or at the very least, forward.  These are the two things in which I am currently sorely lacking.  I am setting aside the fact that my body is giving me every warning that we’re about to get sick – lethargy, a slight shortness of breath, that damned itch super-deep in my chest, the absolute loss of focus  – and I will not use that as an excuse. 
So, motivation, where do you find it? For me, it helps when I have something fairly big to work towards.  For instance, the first time that I did P90X, I was trying to get in shape for my wedding and honeymoon/bikini week.  I rocked that out so hard! I even followed the diet (to a degree), and I looked great! I felt great!

Fast forward almost two years.  Here I am now, with considerably less strength than before (yes, that’s true, believe it or not) and limited to no motivation.  I thought that perhaps a competition would up my motivation, but at the moment, it has not.  I haven’t yet committed to the competition, though, so I still have the possibility of using it as motivation, but it would be an entirely different kind of motivation.  The “holy-crap-time-is-going-so-fast-and-I’m-nowhere-near-ready-OMG-I’m-gonna-crash-and-burn-and-be-an-embarassment” type of motivation is what competition would bring. Healthy? Probably not.

Hey, you do have a vacation coming up at the end of June, says somewhat helpful and rational me. Lazy and eating cake me says, yeah, but we can work out for 2 weeks before vacation and be good. Am I too young to have a mid-life crisis? Do mid-life crises usually involve wanting to eat everything in sight and do as little as possible? No? That’s just lazy? Oh.

Ok, now that we’ve all figured out that I’m just being lazy, could someone please help me find the freaking Reset button? Please? Set me back to my energetic, conquer the world days! I have things that I want to accomplish, but no one but myself to hold me accountable. Yes, I need someone to crack the whip.

You see, I’m not “normal”. My best work comes when I’m under the gun. When I only have one or two things to do, I get bored. I need a full plate at all times to keep myself engaged. Perhaps a slight case of adult ADD? Hey, there goes a fire truck!

Let’s, for a moment, talk about what’s on that big ole plate right now (some of this is a repeat from my last post, sorry): 

Weekly choreography for my Groove Shop class.  This comes considerably easier than I ever could have imagined it to. I am still working on it though. I want it to be fun for everyone but at the same time challenging enough for those who attend to want to come back for more. I need to up my personal floor game to pass on to students. In reality, I need to take some dance classes in order to better get in touch with myself.  Yep, pile that plate nice and high.

Showcase choreography – still to be decided if it’s solo, group, or both (performance whore). The challenge in doing a group number, for me, is having the whole number ready to be taught when it’s in so many different pieces.  And I’m just now realizing that it isn’t necessary. I just have to have everyone done about two weeks before showtime (and have taught it to everyone) so that we can finalize and rehearse together. *light bulb goes on*

I have a hula hoop! Perhaps I will grab a DVD and attempt to learn to use it. I think it would be super fun to teach it, but horse, cart, etc.

BREAK, WEATHER, BREAK!!  I am itching to fly! I am itching to feel the wind rushing past my ears, the moments of weightlessness, the utter freedom that I feel when I’m in the air. As far as it being a task on my plate, I need to work tricks for this year’s show.  As I said, performance whore.

It isn’t a lot.  I know it isn’t.  And I know because if there were more, I’d be better at it.  I swear, I need to schedule my day down to the last minute and follow it.

At least with all of these ‘things to do’, I also have things to look forward to.  Things like our first cruise together this summer, getting a new car (I have fallen in love with the Hyundai Tuscon. You cannot change my mind. I hope it drives well. If so, my pimp hand will be strong in that motherfucker.), and purchasing the much-anticipated Walther 9mm P99C QA handgun. I wanted to get the gun sooner, but due to laws, I can’t buy in Colorado without a Colorado ID and we aren’t making any trips to Florida in the near future, so wait I must.  Do you have any idea how impatient I am?!?!  If you’re a regular reader (all 3 of you), you’re probably thinking about having me committed right about now. 

Because I’m scatterbrained today, I’m going to stop before this goes off on tangents like Angry Birds Space.

2 thoughts on “Vagina-Fueled Arms

  1. With the showcase choreography – don’t worry about having everything perfect before teaching it to people. With the last group number Sasha taught us for the last showcase she had everything planned out, and we still ended up changing things around until the very week of the showcase. There will always be things that don’t go as planned – maybe someone just can’t get that one move, or someone has an idea to change things around, and not being completely locked in makes it easier to change things on the spot:)

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