Monday Musings on A Tuesday

I do always have the best intentions when it comes to writing. However, sometimes stuff (read work) gets in the way.

Did I accomplish every goal from last week? Nope. Am I going to beat myself up about it? Nope. Actively realizing that I don’t need to attain perfection is something else I’m working on this year.

So, let’s have some positives.  I worked out a plenty. Didn’t stretch enough. I blogged a plenty. Didn’t work on the book enough. I GOT MY JANUARY POLE MOVE! I got my January pole move. I was able to be a pole student, which is always fantastic. (Many thanks to the lovely Jen W. over at Studio 3SixT!) I got pushed hard and learned a few new things on top of Brass Monkey.  Success!

This week, I’ll try to continue working out a fair amount, stretching, writing, being the goofball that I am, choreographing two showcase routines (but only performing one), and running errands like a maniac Wed – Sat whilst trying to stay warm and beat the snow. Even though it’s winter, and it’s Colorado, apparently, it doesn’t typically get as cold as it’s about to out here. Going to that Broncos game on Saturday? Good effing luck. It isn’t supposed to be above 20 for the entire game. Is my team playing? No. And you know what? Even if they were, I would be hard pressed to go sit out there in that sort of weather, even for my beloved Steelers.  Hell, if the Super Bowl were here (which Denver wants but I just don’t see happening simply on the CHANCE that this upcoming weather could reoccur), I still think I’d watch from home. I don’t know that I have enough snowboard gear to justify sitting outside for 3 or 4 hours in below freezing temperatures when I’m not actually snowboarding.

Sidebar: I don’t necessarily want to see it happen, but I feel that the Ravens at least get to, if not win the Super Bowl. Ray Ray is done. He is a legend. The NFL will have him go out on top. Just like Jerome did. Go ahead, NFL, prove me wrong with not one questionable call for or against the Ravens as long as they keep playing.

Backing up for a moment, how about success? There are times when I see others and feel that they are successful. I don’t necessarily feel that way about myself. BUT, just this morning, I started thinking to myself and came to the conclusion that, by MY standards, which are the only ones that matter to me, I AM successful. I am gainfully employed making a decent salary. I don’t live in fear of my car dying (any more). I have a roof over my head (a pretty decent one to boot). I have activities that I enjoy and someone with whom to share them. And most importantly, to me, I get the opportunity, on a weekly basis, to interact with and encourage my fellow dancers.  I hope that I get to inspire them. But even if I don’t, I know that I enjoy their company and the joie de vivre (how bout that French) that each dancer brings to the studio. Sooooo, successful? Me? Yes. I. AM.

Last thing before I take off here. I added one more weekly goal. Spanish Sunday. Having taken 4 years of high school Spanish, having lived in Mexico for nearly 2 years, and having a fluent Spanish speaker in the house, there is really no reason for me not to be speaking considerably better Spanish than I do.  So Hubby has agreed to do Spanish Sunday with me wherein he will only speak to me in Spanish and only reply to me if I have spoken to him in Spanish. It’s immersion without leaving the house! Boy there are lot’s of things I want to accomplish this year. How about you? How are your goals/resolutions coming?

Sleep, I Knew Thee Well

For oh so long, I’ve been fortunate enough to put my head on the pillow, close my eyes, and really call it a night – see you tomorrow. It appears that my days of good fortune have come to an end, temporarily I hope. I believe this is now day four without a good night’s sleep. I realize that many folks deal with this on a daily basis, and, right now, I am feeling for all of you.

Not sure what little switch got clicked in my brain, but whomever turned it on needs to take his/her happy ass right back in there to switch it back. This is something I might understand if I were overly concerned about something, anything, at the moment, but I’m not. Mentally exhausted after work some days? Sure. That shouldn’t keep me from knocking out at night.

It’s a vicious circle that has a couple more points to keep it round. Goes kinda like this:

  • 10 pm – Lay it down and try to start relaxing
  • 11 pm – Toss, turn, turn, toss
  • 1 am – Up to pee
  • 3 am – Up to pee. Wonder what time it is. Look at clock. Sigh deeply
  • 3:35 am – It must be time to get up now. Look at clock. Sigh deeply
  • 4:15 am – I must have been asleep for 2 hours. Look at clock. Sigh deeply
  • 5 am – Damn, you’re here already/how could it have taken you so long to get here
  • 5:15 am – Let’s work out
  • 7:30 am – Start work
  • 8 am – Coffee #1
  • 9 am – Probably coffee #2
  • 10 am – Hit the wall (considering adding a ripper here to get through the day)
  • 11 am – Brain function at an all-time low leaving me frustrated about my work and ridiculously tired
  • 1 pm – LUNCH!
  • 3 pm – Dragging ass
  • 4:30 pm – Brave traffic to get home
  • 5:30 pm – I want to do things here (trapeze, pole, something, anything) but I’m too damn tired

Hubby’s theory is that I’m not eating enough to do all I try to do. He could be correct, but oddly enough, I hope not because I don’t know if I could honestly shove any more food down my gullet in a day. I take a daily multi-vitamin (semi-daily…I forget sometimes) so it shouldn’t be the usual iron deficiency that I tend to have. It’s gotta be the sleep. Ack! What do you do when your old friend sleep has turned his back on you and thrown you under the bus?!?! Tonight, I’ll be trying some melatonin. Hopefully I won’t have to progress past that.

In other (pole) news, the spring showcase at Boulder Spirals is creeping up on me. For my preparation timeline for a performance, I’m right on schedule having chosen my song with a mere 17 days till showtime. I’m shooting for sexy this time. We’ll see how that goes. I’m also mentally sitting on two other pole pieces that I want to put together: one with a friend from high school and one to rep one of my greatest loves ever. That’s all I am going to say about them at the moment, though, because I think that a million people read this blog (HAHAHAHA) and I want to make sure that I don’t give away my ideas so people can get to them before me. So, Cheryl, I didn’t forget about you! 🙂

Have a great day, folks. The time has come for me to pack up a lunch full of food that will hopefully keep me awake today. 🙂

Rebirth of Slick

Yes, indeed. I’m cool like that. (That’s a Digable Planets reference for those of you who are unaware.  Educate yourself here: (

re·birth/rēˈbərTH/ – The action of reappearing or starting to flourish or increase after a decline; revival. 
Sarcee – hardiness, stubborn
Wachiwi – girl who dances

That is where I am right now.  Out with the old (Facebook) and in with the new! You see, I’m putting all, well almost all else to the side and centering my focus on artistic and creative me.  That means more dancing, more circus, more yoga, and more writing. A happier, more well-rounded me.

I believe that every pole dancer could/might go through this rebirth process.  Maybe you don’t delete your Facebook and start over, but you re-dedicate yourself to your art.  We come to this point for many different reasons. Some of us have decided to just be more serious about our art; some of us are just coming into ourselves in pole dancing and decide immediately to have the re-birth as a pole dancer; some of us have hit a plateau and need to step up our game in order to continue. For me, it’s a combination of finding a new level of serious and finding a new level of fitness.

The same as many of the ladies whom I have met through Boulder Spirals, I’m feeling as though I’ve reached a point where I cannot continue to progress until I have gained more strength, and on a lesser level, more flexibility. As such, today started another round of P90X.  About a month ago, I had started P90X2, but I found that I just couldn’t get into it the way that I do for the original.  After the last round of P90X, I was doing pole cats for days. Today, not so much, but I will get back there.  So, yes, get ready for even MORE push-ups! It’s for me, but it’s for you! Get on this fit train with me!

In terms of flexibility, of course, I’ll keep stretching and foam rolling at home as often as possible, but I’ve also added a weekly Bikram yoga class to the routine. Yesterday was my first class and all I can say is holy smokes.  More often than not, the reason I will try an activity a few times and then quit it is because it does not challenge me and/or I can’t get out of my head long enough to enjoy it.  This is certainly not the issue with Bikram.  I pushed myself and boy did I sweat. I hung my clothes up after class and I think they’re STILL wet! I live in Colorado! There’s no humidity here! Being in that beautiful heat and sweating like my first day in Mexico was absolutely wonderful. Even though I’m still exhausted the next day, I am very much looking forward to next week’s class.

Usually, when one gets serious about pole dancing, one purchases a pole. When one reaches re-birth, one dusts off the cookie jar to prepare it to hold a new dream.  With a pole already in my possession and no dedicated pole space, I grow weary of the set-up/take down process, almost as much as my husband tires of seeing the pole in the living room and maneuvering the coffee table around it.  The time has come to start saving up for an X-Stage. No more up and down plus the ability to pole in the back yard…..or the front if the HOA messes with me. It is exactly 8 months from my birthday and I think that an X-Stage will be a fantastic present to myself.  Weeeee!

So what about you? Are you ready to be re-born? Have you already? Wherever you are in your journey, I hope that you’ll keep pressing on. And if you ever hit a rough spot or a plateau, know that I, along with all of team Boulder Spirals, will be there to provide instruction, guidance, words of encouragement, and a whole lotta love! *Led Zepplin guitar riff!*

Am I 40 yet?!?!

Probably seems like a strange question. A lot of people seem to dread the big 4-0, but not I. I have big plans for that number.  You see, a lot of women may feel that they lose their looks as they get older. I, on the other hand, feel the exact opposite.  I was an ugly duckling for a long time, but not any more. I’m feeling that, at 38, I am the prettiest I’ve ever been. Take that childhood and teen years that made me feel all yucky! I’m thinking by the time I hit 40, I’ll be runway ready. Ok, maybe not runway ready since I’m still only 5’2″, but maybe some print. Here’s the first pic in my portfolio:

Boudoir shoot
First from a series with Holly Strebel Photography

So, first, much love for Holly of Holly Strebel Photography for getting this awesome shot.  Perhaps I should be a body part model.  These parts look pretty good by my eye! 🙂  There’s a particular shot that I can’t wait to see all prettied up and I can’t wait to share it!  Holly does families and newborn shots, but she’s expanding her portfolio and I was glad to help.

On the same day that I had the photo shoot, we also had our January Showcase at Boulder Spirals. All of the girls did so wonderfully! Such an awesome community to be a part of.  I was channeling the late, great, Etta James with my performance.

With my own very critical eye, I still see things to work on, but wow, even I will admit that I came a long way since the last performance.  I made a goal for myself to enter a competition this year because it would be a good experience. Perhaps, just perhaps, maybe I’ll even..gasp…do well!

That was my weekend in a nutshell.  Oh, except for Brewfest which was also fantastic. Can you say Vanilla Caramel Porter? Oh my goodness delicious! But oh my goodness must contain all of the calories in the world. That would be a special treat beer. I am not rocking hard into week THREE of P90X2 to be blowing it with beer, delicious beer.

Go out there and get yourself some Monday! Big things poppin!!