Getting back to real life, grudgingly

This post comes with a disclaimer:

Writer will not be held responsible for any feelings of boredom, jealousy, anxiety or anything else of the reader upon finishing this post.  Oh, and it'll probably be long.

Thursday: I couldn't bring myself to stay at work all day.  Excitement had finally caught up to me and I was ready to get going!  Even leaving work at around 1:30, we still couldn't manage to get over to the hotel before about 5:30.  We had an early dinner at Chili's before leaving and then went to raid the candy section of the Hudson News in the terminal we were in.  Happily watched Smallville and called it a night.

Friday: Ah yes, I hate flying.  So that's why I was chugging a beer at around 6 am.  Flights were quite uneventful which is always a great thing.  We arrived at the house at a little after 2pm. 

There was no unpacking to be done as we wanted to get over to the mountain right away to take advantage of the free lift ticket that you could get in exchange for a copy of your boarding pass and showing your ID.  What a great offer!

We took a few runs and then stopped by both the liquor store (for Devastator) and the grocery store (for the box of cereal that I housed that week).  By this time, everyone had made it to the house; we were a party of 10.  Btw, the house was super sweet.  That photo shows the front and you walk into a mudroom with a master bedroom off to the left and to the right.  A staircase takes you to the second floor which has the kitchen, dining room, living room, doors to that little balcony you can see, laundry room, a bathroom, and the steps to the thrid floor.  Up on three were two more bedrooms and a small loft area with a Ninetendo 64. Oh, out the back door on the second floor there was a jacuzzi and a sauna (neither of which I used..I'm weird like that).  We called it a little early.

Saturday: I woke up to pee thinking it had to be nearly 7:30, but no, it was only about 2:30.  UGH!

Saturday: For real this time, we went to breakfast over at The Clockwork Cafe.  I really love egg sandwiches.  We took the beautiful ride up the Town Lift and spent the morning hitting the slopes.  Odd, I really forget to eat when I'm up there.  I chug water like it's going out of style, but I have to be reminded to eat.  I'm a nut.

Due to some folks within the party taking some spills, we decided that it would be best if we all took a lesson on Monday and we went back to the house after lunch.

I went for the annual best-massage-of-my-life massage.  Let me just tell you that you might think you're in heaven if you spend a little time over at Aura.  I had the Third Eye Package.  Fell asleep once during the wrap and THREE TIMES during the massage.  Seriously, to the point that I was snoring.  Fantastic!


Monday: Mmmm, more egg sandwiches!  The lesson was great.  I got some pointers and I'm feeling more confident on my board.  Superb pad thai for dinner.  This is the week I eat more food than I really should. 🙂

Tuesday: [this day kicked ass] Know why?  Do ya?  Do Ya?  Huh?  Huh?  Huh?!?!?  Okay, because I'm so slow to post about vacation, you may already know. 😛

I had the pleasure to be a part of a Mountain Meetup and the Utah Sisterhood of the Steelers was formed.  Should I make a t-shirt that says "I met Kevin Wolf and all I got was this crappy t-shirt?" Nah, he might like that too much. :-P  Much more imiportant on a chick level is that Jillzey kicks ass!  I triple dog dare you to say anything different!  You guys rock and made my vacation a happy place.  As if you haven't seen their photos, I'll post mine of the group as well.

That was pretty much the face Kiddo had all the time so no offense to the company. 

I think she's trying to be the next generation's surly bastard.

Lovey and I have long been discussing moving out of Miami.  Our first choice was to the Salt Lake City area, then we switched to outside of Boulder, but now I do believe that we are back to the SLC area.  Because that much coolness over there —————————–> cannot be limited to once a year.

Wednesday: Another great day on the mountain.  Let me tell you something.  I grew up eating venison and it's damn delicious.  I haven't had it in quite some time, we're talking 10 years easy and I miss it.

Well, that all got taken care of on Wednesday night.  Lovey and I went to dinner at 350 Main.

OMG!  It was friggin delicious!

We shared a bottle of Hess chardonnay (yummy) and had the Four Cheese Ravioli (L) and the Tower of Ahi and Hamachi (me).  Great Googly Moogly best Ahi ever!  Lovey had the Steak Frites and I had the Venison Medallions hold the pepper.  Not even joking, I think I wet my pants a little.  It was THAT good.  Don't let the lack of a listing of desserts fool you.  They had them and they were good too.  Oh, creme brulee, we are good friends.

Thursday: Last day out on the mountain.  It was the first day where we had some overcast yuckiness which means flat spots which means I can't see things until I'm right up on them and then face down in the snow.  Um, no thank you.  I have some shopping to do before we go.

Thought about buying a sweet Roots Park City sweatshirt but couldn't bring myself to do it.  Got some yummy sweets from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

All that was left was dinner and packing.

Friday: All week, the sky was blue and there was hardly a cloud to be seen.  Great for me but not so much for the rest of the group that wanted to see snow.  So as we are up bright and early to head to the airport, what do we wake up to?  Oh, around 3 or 4 inches of fresh powder.  Ha!  Someone's got bad karma.

All in all, a really good time.  And no, I don't know what you're talking about…we aren't already starting to plan for next year!  

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6 thoughts on “Getting back to real life, grudgingly

  1. What a great trip and fun recap!! Sounds action packed yet relaxing. Glad you had such a great time. What a change if you go from hot, decadent Miami to cold, Mormon Utah! haha! Do they still have all those alcohol restrictions and watered down beer?

  2. So true! It was action packed but still relaxing.
    All the same silly restrictions are happening. But as far as the beer, you just gotta get it from the right place or have a Devastator. Two of those and you're feelin' fine!

  3. Still catching up on the 'hood: Thanks, hon! I loved
    meeting you and your gang as well. You
    also kick some major ass. I am glad that you only triple dog dared me to touch
    the guys at the next table. I’m not
    capable of walking away from a triple dog dare (plus I will do just about
    anything with a couple Devastators in me) and I think anything more drastic
    would have made Lovey’s head pop off. 🙂

    Tuesday was the highlight
    of my week too. I’m glad that you all had time to hang out. Sorry that it couldn’t be more when you were
    here. I probably would have got into a
    fight yelling at everyone to shut up and watch the game, if I had been at the
    bar with you on Sunday.

    I wouldn’t make the
    shirt because Kevin already has one hell of an ego. We don’t want it to get
    worse. Then he will really be an
    insufferable bitch.

    No worries about
    Kiddo. The Kid had that dorky smile in
    just about all of the pictures. He is
    trying really hard to be a bastard teenager.
    He did ask me the other day out of the blue if we were going to go up to
    Park City and see you all again. He
    wanted to show Kiddo something he did with his rubix cube. I love how he pays attention and listen to
    what I say.

  4. Oh, if you do move here just ask Kevin most of his preconceptions about Utah have been wrong. There are tons of cool people, places to go, shit to do. All of that. The state really isn't as Mormon as everyone thinks. But don't tell them, they might move here too. We are selective of who we want. 🙂

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