Awkward moment of silence

When having a conversation with two people who both have a halitosis issue but seem to be unaware of it, how does one respond when something like this happens?

Bad Breath 1: There's no nice way to tell people they have bad breath, huh?

Bad Breath 2: Nope, you can just try to give them a mint or gum.

Innocent Bystander: Uh, yeah.  Mint.

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3 responses to “Awkward moment of silence”

  1. Hahaha awesome. This reminds me of the time I worked with a guy who had horrible hygene, including he teeth and breath we all worked closely as a group so one day I went and bought a whole bunch of gum and mints and such to charge with everyone. Thinking he would partake, and it wouldn't make him feel bad because I wasn't singling anyone out.
    He was the only one who didn't have some. His reason, sugar is bad for your teeth!

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