Such an unflattering photo

But I'll share it regardless.  This dress looked way cuter on the Guess model chick.


This makes me look a lot, uh, thicker than I am.  And I am the most unphotogenic person on earth!  Argh!  Where can I sign up to buy an upper lip?

UPDATE: In case I thought I could blame it on the background, I tried to give myself a different color background.  Obviously I'm no Photoshop expert and I'm just damn lazy, but it isn't much better.


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6 thoughts on “Such an unflattering photo

  1. maybe Lisa Rena could give you some of her excess upper lip.i think you look great. but i don't have a lot to compare you to and totally understand when images don't match our mental ones.

  2. I would agree with Jen, your boobs look great. The cleavage is awesome. I like the dress it will be great in the summers here. 🙂 I'm relentless. Oh, I understand about the mental image. Every camera in the world puts about 60 pounds on me. I think I look all hot and then I see a picture and just cringe. It rocks.

  3. That woman scares me! I would be afraid that her lips would try to take over my face.
    Thanks. 🙂 I don't post a lot of photos of myself since I think I look like crap in all of them, but there's a few in my library if you were inclined to look.

  4. I've got those bad boys pushed up to my chin! Ha! I love them!
    Hmmm, a summer dress. I like that idea. Relentless? Nope.
    I've gotta hire a professional so I can at least have ONE stinking photo that I like.

  5. I used to share doc with a close friend, Sean. Like my current doc, he was a GP and did cosmetic work. Sean apparently went in once and asked (joking) if he could have the fat sucked out of my ass and injected into his lips. The doc got upset on my behalf. Sean said, "Oh, hell.. I'd say that to her face!" and did exactly that. The next time I saw the doc, I thanked him for his needless chilvary.

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