The Fridaylutions of a heavy procrastinator

Seriously, I suck.  But we'll leave my personal life out of this.  Last week I had some goals, let's review:

  • Force Lovey and Kiddo into 2 hours of daily family time. WIN – Guitar Hero brings people together
  • Schedule a personal training session (it's free, thankfully). WIN – I went on Thursday and couldn't lift my arms all weekend!
  • Hit the gym Monday and Wednesday morning, Friday after work.  2/3 WIN – I went Monday and Wednesday and Thursday too!
  • Yoga on Tuesday night. WIN – I really enjoy this instructor.  She makes me want to learn more about yoga.
  • Finish all week one classwork BEFORE Saturday morning. FAIL – Ended up finishing by Saturday afternoon though.
  • Stick to the eating plan.  WIN – weekends are freebies and I ate well all week.
  • Drink more water.  A lot more.  WIN – I am pretty gosh darn hydrated.  I can see it in my face.  Shh, Roboco, I know I'm looking a little hellish today.
  • Be more focused at work.  Eh, more or less WIN.
  • Outline Chapter One of upcoming novel wannabe. EPIC FAIL – Can you not tell from my writing that it shouldn't go into book form?
  • Cheer the Fins on to victory.  WIN/FAIL – I did my part, the Fins did not do their part.
  • Adult time with Lovey on Friday or Saturday night. FAIL – I felt like crap on Friday so I took a Flexoril.  Bad move.  I could not stay awake for more than an hour all day Saturday.
  • Finish the current book I'm reading. (leisure) WIN – I have three more leisure books in the house before I consider ordering more.
  • Install Joomla downstairs and read first two chapters of Joomla book. EPIC FAIL – There are less hours in a day and less days in a week than I thought.

So, more good than bad last week which is always nice.

Let us look at the goals for this week.

  • Take yo ass to the gym at least four times this week.  That membership is not free.
  • Really, wrap up the school work earlier in the week.  Maybe even try to get ahead?  Do you really want to do homework while you're on vacation?  MOVE IT!
  • Try to find time to add stretching to the routine. 
  • At least install Joomla.  One step at a time.  Maybe read one chapter.
  • Drag Lovey out of the house for a friend's party on Saturday…if I can stay awake.
  • Research a book on writing a book.  (Any help greatly appreciated on this one.)
  • Pick up a bikini top and maybe a cute dress for Saturday.
  • Make a conscious effort to be more optimistic.

Ok, I'm burnt.

Let me end this on a good note.  While payroll screwed up my first check of the new year, they did scrw it up in my favor so I'll have an extra ~$100 in my next check.  Hooray!  Have a good one!

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6 responses to “The Fridaylutions of a heavy procrastinator”

  1. Wow… you did a LOT!!I have a few books on writing erotica but have been unhappy with all of them. I don't know what I need to know – but none of the books I tried contained it. Good luck!

  2. I kinda cheated because I gave myself stuff I knew I would do.
    I think that if I tried to write erotica, I would be better than writing a regular story, and while I have an idea for each, I really want to get this "clean" story out of my head and onto paper.

  3. 🙂
    I've already ran Saturday past him a couple times and told him that his buddy would be there, lol, so I think we're in.
    And then last night I tried on all of my bikinis and two of them still work so I don't have to buy that, hooray! I will probably go with the sweater, jeans and boots for Saturday.

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