Fridaylutions – Double up, uhhhn!

Happy Friday to ya and ROCO as well.

Did Friday sneak up on you?  It snuck up on me.  A four day week always throws me for a loop, though.

So, I'm doing Fridaylutions for next week and the following week.  But first, a recap of the week that just flew by.

  • Keep up the good work getting to the gym.  Four days this week. WIN!  I even went to Krav Maga which was fun, a good workout, and rather informative.  I'm a tough little wench!
  • Take down the tree this weekend for Pete's sake! WIN! The tree is down and the furniture is all put back in its proper place. 
  • Kick Kiddo's butt at Guitar Hero on Saturday WIN! Although we kicked butt together in our band's world tour.
  • HERE WE GO STEELERS, HERE WE GO!! WIN! WIN! WIN!  Pittsburgh's going to the Superbowl!
  • Order this kick-ass jacket if when the Steelers win on Sunday. WIN!  Ordered and it's been delivered.  It's even sweeter in person.  I may model it and take pictures.
  • Please get ahead with the school work!  EPIC FAIL.  AGAIN. I guess Saturdays are meant for homework.
  • Schedule time for stretching and actually do it. Oh the FAIL. 
  • Joomla is STILL waiting! FAIL.  It's still waiting.
  • Get rid of two pounds. WIN!  I am at a respectable (for me) 132.  Around a 6 pound loss for the month so far.

Now for the week that is coming up (Monday the 26th through Sunday the 1st):

  • Stay focused on the gym.  Attend the Monday and Wednesday classes.  Try to sneak in a workout on Thursday morning.
  • Mentally will ADP to send my W2 so I can file my taxes already.  Such a shame that the refund money is already pretty much all accounted for.  Friggin bills.
  • Prior to Thursday, finish all assignments for week 4 and 5.
  • Find time for yoga.
  • Get all pre-trip shopping done. (travel size crapola, etc)
  • Thursday night, lay my head down here
  • Friday morning, get on the plane
  • Friday afternoon, pick up my free lift ticket and hit the slopes
  • Friday night, sleep the sleep of the dead
  • Saturday, enjoy snowboarding and crisp mountain air
  • Sunday – Don my new jacket and cheer the Steelers on to victory in an official Steeler Nation bar

And the following week (Monday the 2nd through Sunday the 8th):

  • Get on your board and ride!
  • Be a tourist, take lots of photos
  • Be extremely sad on Friday when we have to leave
  • Be extremely excited on Saturday to see a Club Med friend visiting from Down Under (Double S! We're rocking it!)
  • Get mentally prepared on Sunday to come back to work

And there you have it.  My next two weeks in a nutshell.

Most posts during the Park City week will be from my phone and they'll probably be 99% pictures. 

Wherever you may be today, tomorrow, next week, I wish you a ROCO Friday and a ROCO week!

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5 responses to “Fridaylutions – Double up, uhhhn!”

  1. It was a really good class. I think that if I were going to be serious about it and test out of and into levels and such, I would need to go to somewhere that specifically trains for Krav Maga, but for now, this is good.
    Thanks for the well wishes. I'll try to get lots of photos! 🙂

  2. Are you heading to Mulligans or Coach's? I hear you are in town (Utah) for the Super Bowl. I believe my current plan is to watch the game at my place (Salt Lake) because I need my pause and instant replay. You and your family are invited to come over and watch our boys win another one. 😀 If not, we should have a drink while you are in town.

  3. My first plan was Mulligans but I can't take Kiddo there. Coach's is the backup but I hear that I have to get there super early to get a table.
    Thanks you so much for the invite!
    I'll have to see if I can somehow work it out. We're staying in Park City sans a car but my vacation would be complete if I could squeeze in a mini Vox meetup. 🙂

  4. I haven't been to Coach's for a game but I would guess that it will be packed. Which can be fun and annoying at the same time. 🙂 Of course! You and the family are welcome. If you decide that is what you want to do and can't work out a ride, let me know. Park City isn't that far and I can come up and get you. I'm sure Kevin would love to meet you too. Oh, is anyone allergic to animals? They don't leave their hair around but they are usually around a bit, especially Kevin's dog.

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