The 2008 recap

Well, goldie and Kevin Wolf did it, so I thought I would too.

Go back through the past year's entries and show us the first line of the first (public) post in each month. Now you have a twelve-sentence snapshot of what you thought was worth blogging about in 2008.

JanuaryA new year means just that, a new year.

February – Good morning world, good morning February, good morning Voxaholics!

March – It's been quite the interesting day so far. 

April – It's day two and we have no luggage yet.

May – First and foremost, get your sway on! 

June - Rest in peace. 

July – The last few days have been, well, somewhat ridiculous.

August – 1961 – Six Flags opens their first park ever.

September – So yeah, occasionally I have aches or pains or what have you, but I'm still only 34 until December.

October – Where did Napoleon keep his armies?

November – So, late in the game I've decided to try to spit out a post a day for 30 days.

December – Well, kids, if you can believe it, there are only 30 days left in this year.

This exercise had made me realize that I am so freaking RANDOM!!  It's good to be me.

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