Proctor and Gamble are watching

And at least they're polite about it. They send "random" coupon packages. Coupons for things like dish and laundry detergent. Yay!

And Swiffers….Kiddo will be thrilled!

And Pantene. Because that's the shampoo I've bought the last three times.

And Clairol hair coloring. Like the one that's sitting on my shelf.

And those yummy pretzel sticks I like.

And a big bottle of Pepto that I eat/drink like candy.

And ooh, a new flavor of Metamucil because I'm almost out of my orange.

12 coupons. 9 directly related to things I would buy. I don't fill out surveys.

I'm going to bed,PG. Please turn off your lights.

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2 responses to “Proctor and Gamble are watching”

  1. That's one reason I hate using my little swipey Preferred Customer card at the supermarket. Everything I buy gets analyzed, tabulated, and who knows what else. At least you got coupons for the Pepto, in case you worry yourself into an ulcer.

  2. Interesting. I don't have a swipey card but they've still got me tagged pretty well.
    I gave up worrying a few months ago. It was bad for me coming home and having a spoonful of peanut butter and a beer for dinner due to worrying.

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