ROCO Friday – Prank Calls and Stuff edition

Well, well, well, my good people of the ROCO congregation.  It's been a while since I've heard the mighty collective voice ring out, so say it loud and say it proud…


And now that the good Reverend MiamiShyner can see all of you in the back row due to the wonder of contacts, I expect to see you more often.  Not just on holidays!  You know who you are! 😛

Let's suppose that you are a Congresswoman. (Ileana Ros-Lethtinen) And your constituents are of an area where radio folk like to play pranks.(Miami)  What do you do when someone calls you claiming to be a soon-to-be high-ranking official? (Barack Obama)  Well, of course, you HANG UP ON HIM!  Ha!  Gotta love that one.

Wisdom has just been passed along to me.  This message of sure genius is as follows:

Bacon = Meat candy

Mmmm, bacon.

This is my last lazy ROCO Friday because I got clearance to do light cardio…and to buy naughty bits from Vickie's.  Life is good.

Tomorrow is Cirque day finally!  But no, I'm not excited or anything.  And I'm totally not already thinking about the next show that's coming in May and when I'll be able to afford to buy those tickets.  Nope, not thinking about that at all.

Well, my good people, I know that no one likes when the preacher goes on for too long, so let me close the sermon and move to the back so that I can shake hands and kiss babies (with gloves and a mask..I don't want your cooties).

I'm glad that you could join me and I look forward to seeing you next week.  Let the congregation say ROCO!

And remember, there is no confession for doing bad in this church, only for not living life full-out, balls to the wall.  Go out and spread the word!

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2 responses to “ROCO Friday – Prank Calls and Stuff edition”

  1. oh, crap… this reminded me that I learned a female version of this phrase is the book "Sex and Bacon". Gotta go find that and pass it on to you.Yeah for ROCO!!What Cirque show is gonna be there in May? Kooza? I don't know when we're gonna get that one here… I saw it NoCal but it completely skipped SoCal. I think we're gonna end up with 2 or 3 shows appearing almost back to back. And we've got the Kodak Theater (Hollywood & Highland) being converted for a perm show to launch in 2010. Not that I'm excited either. btw: Did you see the vids of Cirque performing Rocky Horror?Have a great weekend. Bacon!

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