12/30 – It’s alive!

No work for me today.  I had to take the ROCO mobile in for a little more lovin and take the girls in for a followup.

I am one lucky beeotch.  Distance between mechanic and doctor = 1.5 blocks.  So I dropped off the car and walked down to the doctor.

Saw my incisions for the first time today.  Not too bad.  Didn't know that the internal sutures would have each end sticking out of me.  I looked like Frankenstein.

Quick and painless appointment.  Hahaha, I have a package of 10 massages which means someone else rubs 'em.

As I was going to get in the elevator after my appointment, my phone rang.  MECHANIC!  Hey, your car's done.  Does it get any better than that?

Life is good.

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