Tuesday Things – First Tuesday of May

Indeed, it is time for Things on Tuesday.  Nothing witty, just the things.

Things I Loathe (about myself):

  • I am a procrastinator.  I will wait till the last minute for any and everything.
  • I rarely finish any project that I start.
  • I lack the motivation to do anything purposeful.
  • I'm pretty lazy too.

Things I Loathe (in general):

  • Not doing the things I love
  • Someone in my house failing Algebra
  • The current job market
  • Art Appreciation
  • Miami
  • Punishment, giving or receiving
  • Being lonely

Things I <3 :

  • Green grass, a warm breeze, an open field, bare feet
  • Thinking about great times gone by
  • Untouched snow, fresh powder, my snowboard
  • Pole dancing
  • Circus arts
  • Family
  • Family photo albums which have been passed to me


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