The Totally Tantalizing, Tip-Top, Terrific, Two Times Tuesday (hoo ha) Things

Long-winded?  Me?  Shut up!  No way!  That's a lotta intro for a list. 🙂

Things that sit as well with me as a bowl full of ice cream in a lactose-intolerant tummy:

  • The amount of tired I am currently experiencing.  Can't find my energy anywhere.  Who stolt it?
  • A limited food intake that does nothing towards my goal of not weighing too much for my height/body type.
  • The fact that the first two more than likely go together.
  • Parking tickets on the beach.  Screw you parking authority.  You have no authority over me.  I spit on your $18 ticket (and then I pay it).
  • Today is my last day of peace for 42 more days.
  • Florida on fire.
  • Nothing has tasted right for the last two days except the bacon I "borrowed" from Lovey's omlette this morning.
  • Knowing I need to do things and not having the gumption to do them.

Things that feel like sunshine on my shoulders making me happy:

  • Walking into the house and looking at the pretty living room.
  • Pole classes even though they remind me that I am a slug that needs to stretch.
  • Fire-Roasted Tomato and Olive Oil Triscuits.  Deelish.  When paired with the Carribbean Chicken salad from Publix, it's like sex in your mouth (and not that he-just-had-asparagus-sex either).
  • Writing things that make people say, "DUDE! GROSS!"
  • MommaShyner getting an all-clear at her latest doctor's appointment.
  • Free scoop of ice cream today at Haagen Dazs!
  • Free iced coffee on Friday at Dunkin Donuts.  'Merica runs on Dunkin. 
  • My soon-to-be-rearranged personal space.
  • My negative twin shooting through Miami this week, or at least he'd better.
  • QT with Lovey on the balcony.
  • Kiddo and her notebook notes.
  • The knowledge that I am about to take over the world and there is not a damn thing that anyone can do to stop me.
  • Writing things that make people say, "WTF is she talking about?!?!"
  • Sunshine on my shoulders.

Things that I am waiting for that are nearly making me explode with anticipation:

  • VACATION!  In 59 days I will be 1000% loving life, talking to squirrels on the deck while I have my morning coffee, hitting the hot tub at night, the sandbar during the day (along with nekkid boating), and equal world-rocking for Lovey and I.
  • MORE VACATION! A mere 262 days until we jet off to Park City where I can have two of the best massages I've ever had.  EVER.  One to warm me up for busting my ass on the mountain and one for relief from busting my ass on the mountain.  No one ever told me that black folks don't do winter sports, so sue me. 😛
  • GRADUATION! This one's still pretty far out on the horizon.  So many days that I don't have a count on it, but everything in my evil plan is progressing quite nicely.
  • MOVING! Miami can kiss the crack of my blac..oh, sorry, I forgot where I was.  Right, so I've had enough of Miami and am ready to leave city living.

That's all I've got for you.  I love you. What?  Oh, nothing.

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4 thoughts on “The Totally Tantalizing, Tip-Top, Terrific, Two Times Tuesday (hoo ha) Things

  1. Even though pregnancy is apparently quite catchy at work, I have not caught it. Not trying to either, lol. Lovey was super tired today too so I think we might have just had a rough sleep. Yeah, so that's for 1. 2 is I just have more muscle and it keeps building back up so I'm not losing any weight. 7 – I burned the crap out of the roof of my mouth eating pizza, I think, and that's left a weird taste. And 8, I'm just lazy. No 'mo babies fo' me.
    Oh how I wish I could have had that free ice cream, but it woulda killed my belly. I will suffer through the coffee though. 🙂

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