Las cosas de Martes en el diez y ocho de Marzo (or Things on Tuesday on March 18)

Yeah, three years of high school Spanish, living in Mexico for two years and being engaged to a fluent Spanish-speaker means I should speak more Spanish!  (Not just write it, where I'm pretty good.) 

Things that I loathe today:

  • freezing to death in the office
  • super-loud ringtones…it's work folks, put it on vibrate
  • not being able to see outside
  • false advertising
  • how quiet my phone is
  • PMS
  • my inability to come up with a topic that would sustain a blog on its own

And on the love side:

  • only 9 more days till mini-vacation
  • one full week of childless walking around the house nekkid (hooray for spring break and Mom!)
  • planning summer vacation – man I love the Keys
  • the plant on my desk that Lovey gave me for Valentine's day
  • Kiddo's funny stories and funny stories about Kiddo
  • yogilates or piloga, take your pick
  • an extra $60 coming my way
  • Don Omar, Daddy Yankee, Pitbull, reggaeton in general….yeah, I know, don't bother saying it
  • Lovey with a new position (hopefully, keeping my fingers crossed!)

Goooooooo, Tuesday!

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