ROCO Fridays

Good morning world, good morning February, good morning Voxaholics!  Welcome to the first ROCO Friday of many to come.  What exactly is a ROCO Friday you ask?  I'm sure that you can forgive me some letters, but it's a Rock Out with your Cock Out Friday.  That's right.  Balls to the wall, full steam ahead straight to the weekend. 🙂

February and most of March are going to be for working out.  Lovey and I have a wedding to attend at the end of March and I must look wonderful in my dress.   But seriously, I've been warned that there will be beach time so time to cut out a jiggle or two and get back to Shaun T and Hip Hop Abs.

So I've decided to give up a bad habit that will go unnamed for now starting today.  Unfortunately, I'll probably replace that bad habit with another one although the replacement can be construed as somewhat healthy.  I've given the new habit a funky cool name so I feel better about it.  Ready?  It's Wine at Nine.  Red Before Bed.  I'm so clever I can't stand myself. (no, not really)  But it does have to be red.  For some reason that knocks me out waaaaaaay better than white and I gave up on pink forever ago.  We'll see how it works out.

Well, I'm all registered, my books have been shipped, and all that's left is to take a few challenge exams to test out of classes that I don't need to take.  School starts in 10 days and I'm pretty stoked.

Last thing.  I'm going to once again ask for some good vibes for tomorrow morning at 10am EST.  Have a superb weekend Voxers.  I'm listo on the board.  What's your status?  You know what they say…..HEP!

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  1. have a good weekend…white wine gives me a headache. i never drink it. but i'd rather drink that than pink. *shudder* heh.i'm a red wine snob. what do you want? hehe.good luck with school!i seriously need to go on a diet or something. blah. i hate dieting, though…

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