Recognition and a foggy morning

Last night, I was watching American Idol with Kiddo.  Yes, I know it's a crappy show but it's fun to watch it.  Auditions here, auditions there, and hey, wait a second, I know her!  Having worked in a lot of places and met a lot of people, I've always thought that it couldn't be too much longer before I saw someone I knew on TV.

Lindsey is a girl I met in Crested Butte.  She was a ski instructor there.  Cool gig.  Anyway, she really does have a good voice but unfortunately wasn't able to present herself to the best of her abilities.  I'm pretty sure she was nervous and you could hear it in her voice.  I've heard her perform live and she's awesome so screw you Simon, Paula and Randy!  At least she has a cool job in the Air Force flying C-130s.

On to this morning where the National Weather Service issued a dense fog warning for the area.  This must have been the reason that at 6 this morning when I let the dog out, I thought that something had to be on fire.  Thick is an understatement.  It does, however, make for some cool pictures.


Picture 004Picture 006Picture 007Picture 012Picture 016Picture 018

Have a wonderful Thursday all!

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  1. That's pretty cool! No, unfortunately, I didn't go anywhere near as interesting as the Women's Congress. I only went to work. 🙁
    Thanks, all for the compliments on the pix.

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