Because I'm such a sucker great employee, and since I arrive at the ass crack of dawn 7:30am, I was burdened tasked with coverage of our reception area for about 45 minutes every morning until I quit or die or die because I didn't quit.  Typically, I answer the phone once or twice and occasionally, sign in some packages from FedEx or UPS.

It's a very complex system we have where I sign the delivery guy's little computer doodad, and then I transfer the tracking number, sender and recipient to a log.  Before anyone can take a package, he/she must sign for it.  Easy enough, no?

So then let's say you're expecting a package maybe yesterday and it hasn't arrived to your desk.  What do you do?!?!  Now, this is just me, but I would go to reception, where I know packages get delivered, and ask where my package is.  That's obviously not what happened.  Rather than take the elevator ALL THE WAY up to the 7th floor (from 2) or maybe picking up that 1000 pound telephone receiver to call the receptionist, why don't you instead go through the trouble of tracking the package on UPS and printing out the delivery confirmation with my signature on it.  Then, please come over to my desk and ask where the package is (because I'm secretly hiding it in my butt).

Other: Do you know where this package is?

Me: No.

O: But you signed for it.

M: Um, yes, I did.

O: So where is it?

M: Did you check at the reception desk?

O: No.

M: (turns around in my chair to show O my back and continue working)


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  1. Wow, that's incredible. To think that they can even figure out that complicated doodad on their desk and get a printout! Someone should give them a medal for being able to wipe their own butt…That is, assuming they've mastered said skill.

  2. ROFL! I don't know which is better – that said individual can't go to reception where the boxes are, or that there is a possibility of other sorts of stinky ineptitude… LOL!

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