How old are you anyways?!?!

I think that I've mentioned before that people always mistake me for much younger than I am. (I get asked for ID for booze and sometimes lottery, and once, quite recently, I was asked if I was old enough to drive.)  I should take this as a compliment.  Mostly I do.  When I'm with my mom, people think that we are sisters and when I'm with my daughter people also think we are sisters.  I think when all three of us are together, people just don't know what to think.

Yesterday, Lovey took Kiddo to the dentist for me as I had a work function to attend.  I am familiar with the people in the office and on our first visit, they mistook Kiddo for my sister.  We cleared that up.  Usually, I go into the room with Kiddo and talk to the dentist, mainly because he's a funny guy.  Lovey chose to stay in the waiting room while Kiddo went in.

I think there may have been a new hygenist because the regular one knows me.  The new hygenist asked Kiddo, "What does your brother do?"  I can only imagine the confused look on her face because the hygenist clarified herself by mentioning 'your brother who's outside waiting for you'.  If I know my Kiddo, she laughed directly in this woman's face before explaining who Lovey is.

We will be young forever!!

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  1. @ Ross: I am ashamed to say that I hadn't erad it or seen it but now that I looked it up via Wiki, right on. Well, minus the hanging part and running away. 🙂
    @grrrace: I don't think she cares. She's at the "I want to be older" stage, so it's like a compliment to her that someone thinks she's older than she is.
    @atropos: I don't know about 21 forever, but I would certainly take 24 or 25 forever.
    It could be present company dependant. I don't get asked for ID as much when I'm with Lovey as I do when I'm by myself. We are pretty versatile. We rock!

  2. There's no hanging or running away in the book, either, so it's closer than you think! (Like many wikipedia entries, the plot listed there is mostly correct, but has some inconsistencies with what actually is in the book. I just finished re-reading it about a month ago, so it's still pretty fresh in my head.)You really should read the book if you have a chance. It's a really quick read (I think it's only around 100 pages of large-font text) and is really powerful, even in today's world.

  3. People ask if I'm 12-14… even if I'm wearing makeup. (What 12 year-old has car keys and a coach purse, seriously.) Went to get my nose pierces: Are you 13? You have to be 13 to get your nose pierced. – I was 17I try to tell myself that when I have kids I'll enjoy it.. but really.. it's somewhat irritating.

  4. I know that this is the pot calling the kettle and all, but you do look really young in the pciture on your profile. And I'm not saying it in any bad sort of way, we're in the same boat. 🙂
    Btw, come on down to Miami, especially in certain areas to find those 12 year-olds with Coach purses, iPhones, and car keys in hand the second they're old enough to drive.

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