A hummer in the bathroom

Ha!  Got your attention didn't it?

Here's what this is really about.  Here at work, I had an overwhelming urge to use the ladies room.  I power-walked out to the restrooms only to find that a member of the cleaning staff happened to have chosen that moment to do a little afternoon touch-up cleaning.  Could I have gone to a restroom on another floor?  Yes.  Would I have made it with dry pants?  Probably not.  So, in I go and I take care of business. 

Now, I don't know if she was humming to cover the sound of me taking a tinkle, but she was humming nonetheless.  Here's the kicker: she was humming "If I Only Had A Brain".  You know, from The Wizard Of Oz.  I wonder what she fills in the blanks with after the title.  🙂

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