My mom's cool

Yesterday I got a card in the mail.  I knew it was from my mom because:

  1. I recognize her handwriting.
  2. No one else puts my full name on anything.
  3. She told me she was going to send it.

So I opened it up and it was all pretty.  She made me laugh because the card had two flaps to open and she signed it on both flaps.  She stuck some cash in there too.  One $20, one $10, and 4 $1s.  At first I looked at it and wondered why in the heck she was sending me one dollar bills.  I mean, if she wanted to give me cash, we share a checking account and she could've done it there.  Then I took a moment to think and realized that she sent me 34 dollars, one for each year.  My mom's cool!

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