Here's to you, 2008

I'm not going to make "resolutions" because I know that they never happen or get kept.  But maybe if I change the wording, it'll work a little better for me (and maybe if I try, that'll help too).  So these are the things that I hope to accomplish in the upcoming year.

The Undisputable, Irrefutable, Complete and Definite List of Goals for 2008

  1. Learn to speak and understand Spanish – I really have no excuse here.  I lived in Mexico for two years, I've lived with a Cuban for over 2 years, the majority of the people where I work speak Spanish as their first language, I have the Rosetta Stone, and I subscribe to a podcast for learning Spanish.  My main issue is getting over the concern of saying something wrong and getting made fun of.  I used to be almost fluent (when inebriated) but now I'm back to square 1.75. 
  2. Attain the body that I want to have – And by this, I don't mean knock someone else about the head and take theirs.  I have, fortunately, never been "fat", but I'm also not getting any younger and it's getting a little tougher to stay in decent shape.  I wasn't blessed with much junk in the trunk (or girls in the front seat either) but I've been making do with what I've got.  I've been saying for years that I was going to buy myself some ladies to sit up front for my 35th birthday for a while now, so when it actually gets to game time, we'll see what happens.  Sometimes, I just want to look womanly dammit!
  3. Figure out what I want to be when I grow up – I can remember as a child wanting to be a variety of different things when I got older: doctor, chemist, lawyer, veteranarian.  None of those panned out.  As of late, I'm finding that I don't really have a passion for anything.  I dabble in things but nothing seems to hold my interest but I know that I have to figure it out so that I can…..
  4. Get back to school – I don't know yet if I will just do some sort of certification or go full on bachelor's degree, but I guess that will depend on my answer to #3.
  5. A year and a day – I've been trying to do this for a while now and when the time is once again right in February, I will start.
  6. Work from home – self-explanatory
  7. Write more – I have a couple ideas floating around in the ole noggin that might make for good reading but I have yet to get them onto paper. 

Lucky number 7.  That'll do.  Happy Thursday.  And HEP!

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