Shady business dealings

I wanted to learn website design.  I did a little research and decided to go to the Art Institute Online.  To be honest, I can't say that I would recommend it to anyone.  I don't feel that I came away with anything more than I would have if I had simply bought the textbooks and went through them myself (besides a huge student loan).

The point of it is that back in June, I got an email from them stating that their "final record" showed that I owed them $xxx.xx dollars.  I called them and arranged a payment plan that was suitable.  I made the final payment last month.  Riddle me this, then, Batman, why did I receive from them another bill in the mail stating that I still owed them another $130?

Well, I did what anyone would do – I called to see what the story was.  I spoke to a lady who wasn't pleasant and thought that I was just trying to get out of paying my bill.  Nope, not this time.  I've grown up.  I take responsibility for my actions.  Well, most of them anyways, but I digress.  I told her who I had spoken to before and she told me that he no longer worked there.  While I don't see what that has to do with the price of bananas, I let her continue.  She told me the last payment they had for me and I asked her what happened to the payment of $xx.xx that cleared out of my bank on November 13, 2007?  She said she didn't know but she would look into it and call me back.  That was 9 days ago.  Had I heard from her?  Not a peep.

Today, I am sick.  You know those Mucinex commercials with the nasty guys that live inside you?  They're living inside me right now.  TMI? Yes.  Sorry.  I am in no mood for people and their bullpoop.  I once again called AI and asked to speak with Student Accounts.  The poor guy that answered the phone.  I'm sorry dude.  I shouldn't have been mean to you but you can't transfer me to the same lady who hasn't answered my emails or phone calls for the last 8 days.  He was, however, kind enough to TELL ME that he was going to transfer me to her supervisor.  Hooray!  Before you transfer me though, could you please tell me what my balance is?  Insert sound of jaw hitting floor.  Really?  Because that is DOUBLE what the incorrect paper bill said.  Yeah, go ahead and transfer me.

Transfer goes through and guess who picks up?  Yes, the original lady.  I guess she only works when there's the threat of discipline.  She obviously has no recollection of our conversation of over a week ago because she goes into her same snotty routine of 'why do you think you don't have a balance' and 'he doesn't work for the company anymore'.

Round and round we go.  Have you found my payment?  No.  So what have you been doing for me for the last week?  Obviously, not much.  I know I get long winded so here's the bottom line.  I am a pack rat and keep everything and for once it came in handy.  I politely told Miss Stick-Up-Her-Ass that I had an email in front of me from Mr-Doesn't-Work-For-The-Company-Anymore stating that my "final balance" was $xxx.xx and I would be more than happy to go through my bank records and show her that I paid exactly that, and guess what?


"Oh, I see, this is an accounting error.  You don't have a balance."




Right, send me a final bill showing my zero balance and then burn in hell!  I hate you AI.  You're possibly the only thing to ever come out of Pittsburgh that I hate. (Except RMS, but he's just a douchebag.)  So there you have it.  My glowing endorsement of AI Online.

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  1. I'm so glad you were able to resolve that… after so many threats and phone calls. It's so good not to be in debt with a shitty "business."
    Hope you feel better, dear.

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