I've been wanting to post for a while, but I can't seem to find anything of interest to me, so I haven't been loading you down with it.  Things I've considered posting about:

  • The Ambien story (funny but a little personal)
  • The new crappy reality show "The Next Great American Band" – yeah, I actually watched that.  Waste of 2 hours.  12 bands out of all those that tried out and it should come down to Sixwire and some other random band but it'll probably end up being Dot Dot Dot or some other crap, just like American Idol.
  • Steelers loss in Denver. Pain.
  • Why can't I freelance for the local paper if this guy can?
  • Where the hell did all this drug-resistant staph come from all of a sudden?
  • Am I supposed to feel comfortable sending my daughter to school in a district where a teacher just went somewhat slightly ballistic and tried to force his way onto an Air Force base because he was attempting "suicide by cop"?
  • And speaking of said daughter, how do I get her to realize that while, yes, a C is an average grade, that it's not good enough? (Yeah, she said that. "A 'C' is an average grade.")
  • When I know that I hold the ingredients to the key to my exit from the corporate world that I so despise, why is it so difficult for me to get all the ingredients together into one functioning piece?
  • Am I really ready for NaNoWriMo?  (I'm MiamiShyner there too if you're interested in adding me as a writing buddy.)
  • Where is my direction?

Okay, enough.  I wasn't supposed to load you down with my crapola.  But I needed to get it out.  Thanks for listening/reading if you actually did.

I've been listo on the board for so long that my arm is tired.  Someone please say hep.

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  1. i tried to read the guys column but the title made me feel like a kindergartener and the beginning context made my head hurt.. i'd send in some samples if i were you. *wink*

  2. Doesn't it just hurt you inside to see something like that in a newspaper? But the term newspaper is used lightly when we speak of the Herald. Rag is more appropriate, but hey, we all gotta start somewhere I suppose.

  3. When (and if) she makes it to college, she can have all the 'c's she wants, but in 8th grade and coming into the important years, I just can't let her do it. Please Lord, give me the strength not to kill her, lol.

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