QotD: Pleasepleaseplease!

What was the one toy you wanted as a kid that your parents never bought you?
Submitted by Princess of Darkness.

Growing up, I wanted to have some talent, any talent, and I thought my hidden talent was music.  (I was wrong, by the way, I'm still looking for my super special hidden talent.) 

One year, I asked for a keyboard and I received it.  I already had some piano lessons behind me so I thought this would be perfect.  Wrong.

As my keyboard sat collecting dust under my bed, the next Christmas rolled around.  I asked for an electirc guitar.  Mom and Dad were along for the ride and our neighbor played the guitar so they figured I might pick something up.  Wrong.

In the third straight year of musical instruments, with my blossoming band under my bed, I asked for a drum set.  I didn't think it was out of the realm of possiblities.  That was a disappointing Christmas.

I later came to find out that our neighbors had really put the threat on my parents.  I think they said they weren't going to speak to them any more if they moved forward with the drum set.  I don't think that my parents wanted to hear the noise anyways.  Good call Mom and Dad.

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