ROCO Friday – Prank Calls and Stuff edition

Well, well, well, my good people of the ROCO congregation.  It's been a while since I've heard the mighty collective voice ring out, so say it loud and say it proud…


And now that the good Reverend MiamiShyner can see all of you in the back row due to the wonder of contacts, I expect to see you more often.  Not just on holidays!  You know who you are! 😛

Let's suppose that you are a Congresswoman. (Ileana Ros-Lethtinen) And your constituents are of an area where radio folk like to play pranks.(Miami)  What do you do when someone calls you claiming to be a soon-to-be high-ranking official? (Barack Obama)  Well, of course, you HANG UP ON HIM!  Ha!  Gotta love that one.

Wisdom has just been passed along to me.  This message of sure genius is as follows:

Bacon = Meat candy

Mmmm, bacon.

This is my last lazy ROCO Friday because I got clearance to do light cardio…and to buy naughty bits from Vickie's.  Life is good.

Tomorrow is Cirque day finally!  But no, I'm not excited or anything.  And I'm totally not already thinking about the next show that's coming in May and when I'll be able to afford to buy those tickets.  Nope, not thinking about that at all.

Well, my good people, I know that no one likes when the preacher goes on for too long, so let me close the sermon and move to the back so that I can shake hands and kiss babies (with gloves and a mask..I don't want your cooties).

I'm glad that you could join me and I look forward to seeing you next week.  Let the congregation say ROCO!

And remember, there is no confession for doing bad in this church, only for not living life full-out, balls to the wall.  Go out and spread the word!

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14/30 – ROCO Friday

Typically I would do this sort of thing a little earlier in the day, but you know how I do.

It's the weekend, ya'll, so I hope you truly do ROCO.  All I can say is that mine started out fantabulous.  How much better can it be when you start out with a University roll (salmon and avocado), follow it with Steak Kushiyaki (grilled steak on a stick), make a total pig of yourself with Pork Gyoza, and then and only then, finish it off with Chicken Pad Thai.

Let the congregation say, ROCO!

I swear to you, in front of Vox and the world, that I would eat sushi every single day of my life and more than likely never get tired of it.  You know, if it weren't for the probable mercury levels and the sodium in the edamame that I love so much.

(the typos I just had to fix were something horrendous)

I'm just procrastinating now.  I have two papers that I have to write before Sunday.  All the stuff is right there in my head but it doesn't want to come out.  I thought that writing here might help.  Not so much.

I guess I'll go back to watching Solo Boxeo Tecate and trying to push out one of these papers.

You know what I'm about.  ROCO.

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The week in review, btw ROCO

Hiya loyal readers <snicker> and those who just stumble upon.  On with all the nothing that happened in my world this week.

  • I think that we're all growing increasingly tired of politics.  I'll skip over all that jazz, except for one little photo to be posted a little later.
  • It's been a quiet week in la casa de MiamiShyner.  Lots of exercise going on and I've managed to get down to 125.  I am still shooting for 120, but hey, I just don't think my body is interested. 
  • There are officially 2 weeks until I go under the knife. (Double S, if you're reading this, yes, I know how you feel, but I also know you'll still love me 😛 )  I shall be looking fantastic for my 35th birthday as per the plan.
  • I got to see a really cool Cirque du Soleil demo since Corteo will be in town soon.
  • IMG_1182IMG_1183IMG_1196IMG_1201IMG_1205


  • I thought I was cute the other day….

  • I have the worst case of raccoon eyes EVER.  I guess they've always been like that.  I'm working on fixing it though.  Do love that my hair is finally getting long.  Let's see if I have something with which to compare from a few years ago.
  • Me

    There.  It's actually laying down and dare I say cascading over my shoulders now.  HA!  Oh, yeah, and I actually had makeup on in the picture on the left.

  • Pretty stoked that I'll officially be smart in another 51 days.  Completion of an Associates degree that really doesn't mean much.  Especially in south Florida where no one pays pretty much no matter what/who you know.
  • Can I go back to bartending now please?  Pretty please?  No?  Ok fine. Well, not fine, but I'll deal with it for a while longer.
  • Ooooh, big, BIG excitement is that we've reached the two-digit number countdown until vacation.  We've got a big group going this year so it should be mega-fun.  Park City again since we enjoyed it so much last year.  I'll be daily blogging from there like last year, but without any big announcements like an engagement. :-) 
  • We got this house for this year at last year's price, so we're pretty happy about that part too.
  • Our previous moving destination was Salt Lake City.  We're shying away from that now and leaning more towards the Boulder area.  I've seen some fantastic houses out there and they are reasonably priced.  With yards!
  • Oh, Saturday night Lovey and I went over to Octobeerfest.  $25 for all you can drink.  There was beer from all over, rum and vodka.  A whole bunch of people, mostly college kids, watching football and putting away booze.  Good times.  We still fit in as far as looking the age of the college kids unlike some of the old farts who were there trying to pick up younguns.
  • Yesterday, driving home, I saw this bumper sticker:

Not sure if it was a joke or what since we have a lot of young Republicans in our area.  I just found it amusing.  And mildly disturbing.

SO yeah, that's the week in review.  It is Friday as well, so let the congregation say….


Peace out and have a great weekend everyone!!

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ROCO Friday – The windy birthday edition

Happy Birthday Kiddo!

  • Yup, it's the big 1-5 for Kiddo today.  She's getting old, lol.  Oh wait, that means I am too.
  • I got the most lovely call from the school this morning.  Yesterday's jackass' boss called me and smoothed everything over.  Basically he's a bipolar cranky old man that's been in the school for 50(!) years and she can't do much with him except talk to him and tell him to bring it down a notch.  That's fine.  I'll just deal with you.
  • We are SOOOO keeping an eye on Ike.  It keeps wobbling all over the place, unfortunately.  I hope it swings a hard right and heads north to the hurricane graveyard.  No one needs any more stress with these storms. 🙁
  • Hey, it's payday!  I'm rich for 10 minutes until I pay bills!
  • I'm still digging the Wii Fit.  It's a lot to pay to get a scale in the house, but it's fun too.  I really love the yoga stuff and I am the champion ski jumper.  Broke 300 m this morning.
  • Wow!  I just cracked my neck and for a quick second, I thought I might have broken it.  Yikes.
  • Oh, I quit trying to lose weight.  My body seems happy at 130 so I'm just going to leave it there.  If more comes off, so be it.  But good gravy, I like food.
  • FOOTBALL SEASON HAS STARTED!  GO STEELERS!  I was thinking that I would try to change the banner weekly to reflect who my guys are playing, but I just don't know if I'll have the time.  Or energy.  Or creative juices.

Enough with my ramblings.  Go out and have a great ROCO Friday!  See you next week!

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ROCO Friday! – Love a long weekend

Word to the herd!

Er, um, good morning to the congregation.  It's your Reverend MiamiShyner, checking in with you and making sure that you're still spreading the word of ROCO.  Own it people, own it!  Here are a few rambles for you:

  • With Tropical Storm Hanna possibly coming our way, but possibly making a turn to the south, I informed Kiddo that she may get to experience her first hurricane.  Her response: "on my BIRTHDAY WEEKEND?!?!'  Ha.
  • Speaking of Kiddo, I may have previously mentioned that she has the worst posture on earth.  I tell her to stop slouching all of the time, but to no real avail.  Why am I telling you this?  Because….
  • Last night in the shower (because that's where all important conversations take place), I was telling Lovey that the Wii Fit checks your center of balance.  Here I thought that I was standing up straight all this time, but it turns out that I lean back (Fat Joe) and put most of my weight on my heels rather than distributing evenly.  Lovey said that he's known that about me forever and so I asked him why he never said anything.  He said that he's told me on many occasions, of which I remember none.  Now I must make a conscious effort to distribute.  I wondered aloud what it might look like if Kiddo got on.  Lovey said that the screen might say something like this:
      • ERROR!  ERROR!
  • We are meany bo-beanies.
  • MommaShyner's in town, yo!  We're going out to lunch today and we're gonna go whoop ass at the bingo hall tomorrow night.  I luuuurve me some MommaShyner.
  • Last night was the first time that I listened to an Obama speech.  It was late (for me) so I may have missed some parts due to dozing off.  Things that I did catch that I liked:
      • Eight is ENOUGH!
      • This election is not about me, it's about you!
      • Huh, you know, there were other things, but they've just escaped me.
  • McCain chose the Governor of Alaska as a running mate.  I really don't follow politics so I know nothing about this woman.  My unpolitical, uneducated, off the cuff response is that she is the choice because she is a woman and he wants to do something unprecedented to keep up with Obama.  JUST.  MY.  OPINION.  Don't freak out over it.  Kthxbai!
  • MommaShyner and I discussed our (hopefully irrational) fears that there will be way too many assassination attempts while watching the final of Shear Genius.  I completely disagree with their choice for the winner, even though she's from Miami Beach.  Then again, what do I know about ya'll's hair?  I personally don't do anything with mine outside of washing and some occasional moisturizing.
  • The last few days have been rough on my right knee.  I am slightly worried that I will eventually have to do something about it.  This knee was injured many, many moons ago and never got any treatment.  It's acting up again.  I am trying to tell myself that it does not hurt.  That works a lot so I think that the pain is mostly in my head.

I suppose that I've chewed your virtual ear for long enough now.  Wishing you all the ROCO-iest of long weekends.  Spread the word, spread the love.


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