Getting in gear with the Fridaylutions

Lookit me go!  I'm actually getting to these on time today.  I really feel as though I'm making this too easy on myself, but at the same time, I feel good because I feel like I'm getting things accomplished.  I suppose I just don't have that much difficult stuff to take care of.  Ah well, let's look at last week.

  • Take yo ass to the gym at least four times this week.  That membership is not free. Almost a WIN.  I went Monday, Wednesday and I'm going today. 
  • Really, wrap up the school work earlier in the week.  Maybe even try to get ahead?  Do you really want to do homework while you're on vacation?  MOVE IT!  EPIC FAIL.  Here it is Friday and I haven't finished the assignment for this week.  UGH!
  • Try to find time to add stretching to the routine.  FAIL.  Yoga doesn't count in this instance.  I need to do some active, circus-specific stretching.
  • At least install Joomla.  One step at a time.  Maybe read one chapter. FAIL AGAIN!  Dammit!
  • Drag Lovey out of the house for a friend's party on Saturday…if I can stay awake. This one will be a WIN.  We've discussed it already.
  • Research a book on writing a book.  (Any help greatly appreciated on this one.) FAIL, FAIL, FAIL.  Damn, I'm lazy.
  • Pick up a bikini top and maybe a cute dress for Saturday. WIN! I realized I didn't need a new bikini after trying on all the ones I currently have.  I didn't get a dress for Saturday (it's going to be chilly), but I did get a cute sweater to go with my jeans and boots.
  • Make a conscious effort to be more optimistic. WIN! I think the exercise and being busy really helps.

Not terrible, but not great.  So, let's see what we have for this coming week.

  • Keep up the good work getting to the gym.  Four days this week.
  • Take down the tree this weekend for Pete's sake!
  • Kick Kiddo's butt at Guitar Hero on Saturday
  • Order this kick-ass jacket if when the Steelers win on Sunday.
  • Please get ahead with the school work!
  • Schedule time for stretching and actually do it.
  • Joomla is STILL waiting!
  • Get rid of two pounds.

That should be enough for the week.  As always, have a ROCO Friday.  Love each other. 🙂

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