ROCO Friday – Teddy’s Jam

Let the congregation say….ROCO!

If you’re unfamiliar with ROCO, just type it into the little search bar up there on the right and read up.  I’ll be here.  Back?  Great, now…

Let the congregation say…ROCO!!

First things first (I, Papa), how did we do this week?  Not too badly.  Not as great as I would have liked, but, with a funky week, I’ll take it.  Got in my exercise and stretching as well as 3 blog posts.  Hopefully I’ll get some time this weekend to work on book writing.

Jam, oh jam, Teddy jam for me. Yeah, it’s Friday. Get your groove on. And while you’re getting that groove on, go read this then come back and jam some more. Welcome back.  So, while the Brass Monkey (that funky monkey) is January’s pole move, last night, we worked on a different move.

After working on said move, to be disclosed momentarily, conversation at home could go a little like this:

Non-pole dancer: What is that? On your…side boob.  Is that a bruise?!?!  How did that get there?!?!

Pole dancer: Oh, I was doing Teddy tonight.

Non-pole dancer: WTF?!?!

Yep, a pole dancer’s life.  Full of bumps, scrapes, bruises, and questionable looks from significant others.


So, Teddy. That’s him over there on the left. I don’t think that I’m totally in the proper position when I’m doing it. I am (or at least my arms feel like) holding myself up with only the contact on my inner arm and side boob.  Veena says, the other point of contact is on my back.  Guess I need to work that one out a little bit more.  If I had to guess at a third point of contact I was using last night, based on where my pain is today, I’d say I was definitely more on my side (like by my ribs) rather than my back.  Sad face.  Sore face.

Sunday, providing that I can still move around (I am sore as fudge!), it’ll be work on Brass Monkey day here at BSB HQ.  I have goals, people!  And one of those is to get to work.  Well, not really, but I have to do it.

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to ROCO!!

ROCO Friday – The Return of the Reverend

Disclaimer: Search the blog for the tag ROCO Friday to understand that this is tongue-in-cheek before getting offended.

Let the congregation say, ROCO!

My congregation, my flock, the good Reverend has taken her message to the west.  Since doing so, I’ve felt the need to change my name.  Much like many of the things you already know, I’m the same great product in some new packaging.  The Reverend SteelerShyner welcomes you to her church of the Rockies.  Let the congregation say, ROCO!

It isn’t a ROCO Friday without some music for the congregation.  Let us rejoice along with Mr. Kemp as it is Friday and I just got paid.

It’s a beautiful day out there. The mountains are just starting to get a little snow on their peaks and the early sun turns everything quite an awesome shade of red/pink/purple. The Reverend is home.

Now, my good people, go forth and spread the good word of love, nature, and pole dancing. Your good Reverend will see you back here next week. Until then…..ROCO!

Vacuum of Suck

ROCO Fridays – I'm way too lazy.

Fridaylutions – I'm slipping fast.

I am a vacuum of suck.  There's just emptiness floating around in my head these days.  Maybe my mind is still in Park City.  Yeah, that must be it.

I absolutely must get back into the gym next week!  I think that when I'm exercising I have a lot more focus.  Silly gym changed a lot of the classes that I wanted to go to.  Suckage!  Now I have to come up with my own exercise routine.

Hmmm, there's a lot of complaining going on here.  I have to stop that now.

In a moment of happiness, it is at least Friday and it is a long weekend.  AND, bonus on top of bonus, Kiddo is knocking out all of her volunteer work this weekend which means Lovey and I have the house to ourselves for the majority of the day Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

And I got an unexpected little bit of money today.  Which means I can buy an outfit to wear on Sunday.  The rest of it goes to paying bills.  Yay! (It is surprisingly difficult to find something slutty, that's not too over the top for me, here in Miami.)

Knock on wood, I have avoided all of the colds and sickness that are floating around.  Emergen-C to the rescue baby. 

Now that I'm feeling a little more motivated, I think I'll give myself some bullet points to take care of during the upcoming week.

  • Over the weekend, I must create a workout for myself. (any links, suggestions, or podcasts would be apprciated)
  • Also over this weekend, I have to catch up with school.  Networking classes really suck!
  • It's time for a good housecleaning too
  • Saturday pedicure, maybe manicure too
  • Eh, you know, stuff.

I hope that you all have a great weekend (a great long weekend if you have Monday off).

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Fridaylutions – Double up, uhhhn!

Happy Friday to ya and ROCO as well.

Did Friday sneak up on you?  It snuck up on me.  A four day week always throws me for a loop, though.

So, I'm doing Fridaylutions for next week and the following week.  But first, a recap of the week that just flew by.

  • Keep up the good work getting to the gym.  Four days this week. WIN!  I even went to Krav Maga which was fun, a good workout, and rather informative.  I'm a tough little wench!
  • Take down the tree this weekend for Pete's sake! WIN! The tree is down and the furniture is all put back in its proper place. 
  • Kick Kiddo's butt at Guitar Hero on Saturday WIN! Although we kicked butt together in our band's world tour.
  • HERE WE GO STEELERS, HERE WE GO!! WIN! WIN! WIN!  Pittsburgh's going to the Superbowl!
  • Order this kick-ass jacket if when the Steelers win on Sunday. WIN!  Ordered and it's been delivered.  It's even sweeter in person.  I may model it and take pictures.
  • Please get ahead with the school work!  EPIC FAIL.  AGAIN. I guess Saturdays are meant for homework.
  • Schedule time for stretching and actually do it. Oh the FAIL. 
  • Joomla is STILL waiting! FAIL.  It's still waiting.
  • Get rid of two pounds. WIN!  I am at a respectable (for me) 132.  Around a 6 pound loss for the month so far.

Now for the week that is coming up (Monday the 26th through Sunday the 1st):

  • Stay focused on the gym.  Attend the Monday and Wednesday classes.  Try to sneak in a workout on Thursday morning.
  • Mentally will ADP to send my W2 so I can file my taxes already.  Such a shame that the refund money is already pretty much all accounted for.  Friggin bills.
  • Prior to Thursday, finish all assignments for week 4 and 5.
  • Find time for yoga.
  • Get all pre-trip shopping done. (travel size crapola, etc)
  • Thursday night, lay my head down here
  • Friday morning, get on the plane
  • Friday afternoon, pick up my free lift ticket and hit the slopes
  • Friday night, sleep the sleep of the dead
  • Saturday, enjoy snowboarding and crisp mountain air
  • Sunday – Don my new jacket and cheer the Steelers on to victory in an official Steeler Nation bar

And the following week (Monday the 2nd through Sunday the 8th):

  • Get on your board and ride!
  • Be a tourist, take lots of photos
  • Be extremely sad on Friday when we have to leave
  • Be extremely excited on Saturday to see a Club Med friend visiting from Down Under (Double S! We're rocking it!)
  • Get mentally prepared on Sunday to come back to work

And there you have it.  My next two weeks in a nutshell.

Most posts during the Park City week will be from my phone and they'll probably be 99% pictures. 

Wherever you may be today, tomorrow, next week, I wish you a ROCO Friday and a ROCO week!

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Getting in gear with the Fridaylutions

Lookit me go!  I'm actually getting to these on time today.  I really feel as though I'm making this too easy on myself, but at the same time, I feel good because I feel like I'm getting things accomplished.  I suppose I just don't have that much difficult stuff to take care of.  Ah well, let's look at last week.

  • Take yo ass to the gym at least four times this week.  That membership is not free. Almost a WIN.  I went Monday, Wednesday and I'm going today. 
  • Really, wrap up the school work earlier in the week.  Maybe even try to get ahead?  Do you really want to do homework while you're on vacation?  MOVE IT!  EPIC FAIL.  Here it is Friday and I haven't finished the assignment for this week.  UGH!
  • Try to find time to add stretching to the routine.  FAIL.  Yoga doesn't count in this instance.  I need to do some active, circus-specific stretching.
  • At least install Joomla.  One step at a time.  Maybe read one chapter. FAIL AGAIN!  Dammit!
  • Drag Lovey out of the house for a friend's party on Saturday…if I can stay awake. This one will be a WIN.  We've discussed it already.
  • Research a book on writing a book.  (Any help greatly appreciated on this one.) FAIL, FAIL, FAIL.  Damn, I'm lazy.
  • Pick up a bikini top and maybe a cute dress for Saturday. WIN! I realized I didn't need a new bikini after trying on all the ones I currently have.  I didn't get a dress for Saturday (it's going to be chilly), but I did get a cute sweater to go with my jeans and boots.
  • Make a conscious effort to be more optimistic. WIN! I think the exercise and being busy really helps.

Not terrible, but not great.  So, let's see what we have for this coming week.

  • Keep up the good work getting to the gym.  Four days this week.
  • Take down the tree this weekend for Pete's sake!
  • Kick Kiddo's butt at Guitar Hero on Saturday
  • Order this kick-ass jacket if when the Steelers win on Sunday.
  • Please get ahead with the school work!
  • Schedule time for stretching and actually do it.
  • Joomla is STILL waiting!
  • Get rid of two pounds.

That should be enough for the week.  As always, have a ROCO Friday.  Love each other. 🙂

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