ROCO Friday – The Six Day Short Week

Holy moly, TGIF!! Also, TGIFOHTPYV! (Thank goodness I figured out how to post YouTube Videos)

Could someone please explain to me how a four day work week somehow felt like six days? With not having to go to work on Monday as it was the celebration of the birthday of you ain’t never met no Martin Luther The King, one would think that the remaining four days in the week would speed right by. WRONG! It really and truly felt as though there was possibly an extra day between Wednesday and Thursday trying to make up for Monday. I know this one isn’t just me. Mom says so too in her text this morning. Hi, Mom! I love you!

Perhaps this week has felt long due to added responsibilities at work. I suppose being there late and then having enough time to come home, make dinner, eat, shower, and pretty much go to bed will make it seem as though it’s just one long work day. It’s awesome being in pseudo-charge! Speaking of being in pseudo-charge, it’s a short post day because I gotta get rocking on the work stuff.

Have yourself a great Friday and ROCO!!


ROCO Friday – The Half Payday (New) Edition

Who doesn’t love a little N.E. Heartbreak? Also, WIN! Video posted in blog!

Most of this week I was just aching to find out if, with the new promotion, they would throw me a bone and pay me for two weeks of new job money. Of course they did not. But hey, I’m still moving on up. And on that note, I don’t understand why it is that when I update my LinkedIn saying I got a promotion is when I get an influx of calls from recruiters. So backwards. If I had lost my job, I wouldn’t get one call. (Totally not true, but trying to make a point here.) They’re interesting to talk to though. Wednesday I got a call from a corporate recruiter who was really blunt about asking me info about where I work and what I do and how much money I make. In turn, I decided to return the favor. Her position was downtown so that’s an automatic no thank you in my book, particularly since I’m currently only 10 minutes away from work and getting downtown could take an hour. Since she was cool talking money, I asked her the range on her position. Caps out at $17k less than I’m currently making. Ummmm, I’m good on that, but send me your contact info because those things are good to have. If you’re looking for an IT job that is SQL based plus troubleshooting, let me know. I have leads for you. 🙂

Did I mention TGIF? ROCO Friday? End of the week? Get on down to party town? Anything else cheesy and cliche I can add here? As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, it’s been a long week and I am ready to strap this piece of fiberglass/wood/metal to my feet and go rocketing down a mountain in the snow. I will be jumping comfortably by the end of this season!

I’m out of things to say for today. I’d like to know what you think. Is this a good length for a blog post? Too short? Certainly not too long. Do you blog? If so, what do you base your post length on? Happy Friday and ROCO!!

ROCO Friday – Snow Makes Me Wet

Now before you go getting all up in arms about that title, know that it’s from a bumper sticker from Silverton Mountain here in Colorado. Also happens when I fall down in it or I’m making snow angels or a snowman, or possibly having a snowball fight. Unfortunately, it also makes me nervous AF when it’s on the roads and I’m scheduled to go to the mountains and there are 60 mph wind gusts. ABS/AWD/anti-skid take the wheel! T minus 9 hours till go time.

As Friday is now the official (and only) work from home day, first and foremost, ROCO! Secondly, I chose to not get up at 5 today and rather get up at 6. Not my brightest idea. I’m completely off schedule now. Late blog post, late breakfast, but I did manage to be logged in and ready for work on time. Let’s go with positive items: I can take care of the laundry while I’m working; I can shower in the total peace and quiet of my empty house (and think I hear people in the house while I’m in there); I can wear my comfy clothes – or nothing at all – for work; No listening to people coughing/sneezing/bringing up phlegm all day! Yeah, that last one is gross, but it’s painfully true. We do get time off folks, keep that at home!

Last night, we took my brother to pick up his wheels. After we got home, we were doing our usual evening stuff when the phone starts ringing. At 8:45. First of all, we don’t answer our house phone unless we are specifically expecting a call. Why? Because 99% of the time it is either solicitors or bill collectors trying to find someone that doesn’t live here. Playing games with those people got old so we just stopped answering. This caller left a message. Funny, it was a recruiter. That’s pretty late for a recruiter (who was in Colorado). Anywho, I’m going to need to update my info so they stop calling. I’m off the market (for at least a year). Sorry, too slow.

Obviously, I got a raise with this promotion – because who gets a promotion without a raise?- but I’m still Sergeant Stingy with that cash. I’m trying to pay off bills and all, but at the same time, still letting myself have some fun. That means I get to buy a couple things here and there. Prepare to giggle. But first let me preface this with I did, just a few weeks ago, get a new snowboard. A demo, so on the cheap,but still a decent ticket item. Other than that, my list of things to buy,probably in this order, is:

  • A day planner. I am getting this today. I am now pseudo-important and I need to write every single thing down so that I don’t forget any of them and later look like a tool.
  • New sneakers. I’ve been rocking out these Nikes for longer than I will mention and embarrass myself. Not to mention that this morning during the cardio + weights workout, I rolled my ankle a bit because there’s no damn support left in them. Please buy shoes before you hurt yourself. Thank you.
  • A yoga chair. Since I have to be in the office 4 days a week now, and I’m trying to work on my flexibility and such, I cannot continue to sit in a crappy office chair. Office chairs shorten my muscles or something. And then, when I need to get up from my desk, every time it’s like watching evolution. I start hunched over and I gradually get to full and upright walking human. When I’m at home, I sit on my stability ball so I don’t have this issue. Probably need a bicycle lock too for attaching said chair to desk so it doesn’t “disappear”.

Just little things. I do still have a car payment and a student loan payment to take care of, after all.

Well, my flock, go forward and ROCO on this wonderful Friday. Have a great weekend and be safe. Tomorrow we can talk about the awesome snowboarding that I did. Maybe even with a video! ROCO!

ROCO Friday – The Reverend Considers A Return

Hi. First, let me explain that title. Or better yet, use the search functionality to look for ROCO. If you aren’t going to, I’ll give you a brief explanation, but you’ll better get the gist if you look. ROCO (rock out with your cock out) Fridays are days in which, well, you’re just supposed to ROCO. They usually include music and an inspirational message. Our good Reverend MiamiShyner has been on quite the hiatus, but perhaps she’ll make some sort of grand return here in 2014.

Let the congregation say, ROCO!

While we await the Reverend’s return, let’s consider another topic: today’s writing prompt. It is a tough one today, asking what is number 11 on my bucket list. Well, since I’ve never created a bucket list, it’s pretty difficult to answer this one. I’ve been fortunate enough to have led a fairly interesting life, so what would I even put on a bucket list? I suppose I could put some places I want to visit, like this, but I don’t really know what else I would put on there. Maybe I should make a late NYR to create a bucket list. Ha! So does this make me a boring person because I don’t have a list of “one day”, only a list of “been there, done that”? Doubtful. Oh wait! I just remembered something else I want to do! I wouldn’t actually put it on a bucket list, but it is something I want to do and I’m going to take care of it in 2015. Lots and lots of ski/snowboard resorts offer camps that are usually a couple of days and are for women only. I’m going to do that next year. Probably at Winter Park. Maybe if I’m fortunate I’ll sneak one in over at Park City as well. I need to start saving immediately.

Speaking of saving, perhaps/probably you’ve seen that little savings plan floating around Facebook or the internet wherein you throw an amount in a jar (or your bank if you want to be more traditional) once a week that corresponds with the week of the year. At the end of the year, if you’ve stayed true to the savings, you should have nearly $1400. The 52 week savings challenge it’s called. It’s like paying income tax to yourself! One dollar and some Whiskey In A Jar for this week. Play along and buy yourself something nice at the end.

I have no segue back into professional related stuff. But I’ll be setting aside some time this weekend, between grocery shopping, possible snowboarding, and a FabPole workshop, to start looking into my SharePoint training and to start revisiting my old enemy, PHP. Many, many moons ago, I started learning PHP but it went along the wayside with learning HTML, CSS, and the like (man, am I stupid). But now, I think my brain is ready for it. Even though there’s a lot of junk up there, I know there’s space for more. Hello, smart me. I remember you. You used to hang out a lot. Then you quit using your brain. Welcome back.

I’ve not forgotten my Zero To Hero commitment. There just wasn’t really anything to actually blog about today, just an assignment on pretty-ing up the place. I did it. Did you notice? (if you’ve been here before, that is) Only way to tell me is in the comments. Ready, set, go!

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