ROCO Friday – You Think It’s A Game?!?!

USA vs. Canada. Men’s hockey. You think it’s a game? You think it’s a fuckin’ game?!?! This is for all the marbles. We DON’T WANT BEIBER!

Yeahhhh, boy. It’s Friday! And I absolutely love that song to get me hype about anything. Also possibly giving me a bad attitude about anything, but the hype outweighs the attitude. I mean, seriously, if you’ve never listened to the lyrics, please, take a minute and do so. Some of the shit Earl says is so off the wall that it’s brilliant. I would totally say this shit at work if it wouldn’t get me fired. I’m not a nice person.

It’s a good looking weekend coming up. Total chillaxing on Saturday and snowboarding and a gun date on Sunday. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll extend that good looking weekend into Monday and take a pole workshop. It interests me. I like to spin. And I think it’ll integrate well into my FabPole work. We’ll see. One minute I’m cool, the next minute I’m up on the pole, rippin’.

What’s my name? Some of you know, some of you don’t, perhaps you don’t care, which is also cool. But when I heard this last night as the last song before I got out of the car, I knew it would be today’s video and topic. You know, nicknames. I’m sure we all have them. I have many many. Part of it comes from my name being a little difficult and parts come from other various and random places. Let’s take a look, shall we?

  • Sis – Well that one is pretty self-explanatory, right? Give the older sibling a difficult name and think the younger sibling will be able to pronounce it. Nope. Let’s go with Sis. What’s my name?
  • Web – Not as in Spidey, not as in Spanish,but as in Webster Long. Remember that tv show, Webster, from back in the day with Emmanuel Lewis? Yeah, that Web. I’m starting from as far back as I can remember with these. I grew up as a fly on the rice as you can sorta see here and it continues with…
  • Kiz – Yes, as in Kizzie, as in Roots, as in I’m surprised I got out of small town racist retarded ass America without getting seriously killed. I blame where I grew up for my not being a sportscaster right this minute. I’ve always loved sports, but there were no Black female role models (on tv in sports) so much for me at that time combined with always being made to feel less than inferior. Yeah, I didn’t find self-confidence until I was about 26 and had left SW PA for good. Stop talkin’ shit.
  • Neen/Neener – Another in the self-explanatory column. I know my name is long and hard (that’s what she said) so it’s easier to shorten it. That was fine as long as you went with the last half and not the first half. For some reason, really unknown even to me, I absolutely hated to be called by the front half. Meh, I’m a nut. Here we go again.
  • My last name – So, I guess that’s not really a nickname since it’s my name, but we’ll run with it. Especially since I’m a girl and those who used the nickname were girls. Funny, it just wouldn’t sound right coming from other people. The game don’t stop.
  • Sunshine – Once upon a time, I worked in a place where a there were people from many different countries and some of those countries don’t use letters together in the same way that we do in the US. Well, this led to people effing up my name left and right or just calling me someone else’s name which sucked. At that time, I was also the only morning person, hence, Sunshine. Nevermind that clip from Harlem Nights. 
  • From Sunshine came Sunny, Shine, and Shyner which I adopted with the slightly off spelling.
  • Morena – I have Spanish-speaking friends. Nuff said.
  • Sarcee – I gave this one to myself as more of an alter-ego than a nickname. Sarcee Wichiwi, which, loosely translated, would mean stubborn girl who dances. Yeah, accurate.

Confusing, eh? But like Earl says, you gonna think it’s a joke until they no longer remember your name and with all of those names to remember, who could ever forget? ROCO! Have a great weekend.


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