Adventures At The Range

That song right there was my introduction to Ozzy. I loved it from the moment I heard it and it’s still my favorite Ozzy tune. And even though it really wasn’t dark, my meaning behind that song today was this: At The Range

Yup, went out and fired off a couple boxes last night. It’s 200 to 300 rounds to break her in before I can use anything other than plain ole bullets in her, but best believe hollow points will be where it’s at.

This pic was towards the end of the second box and I am ALL OVER THE PLACE for pete’s sake (look at that wrist…no wonder I can’t hit anything!). I should have taken a picture of the first two clips as they were much better. I fired 10 magazines and it went something like this:

  • Clip 1 – First shot high, second shot wide right, shots 3-10 nice grouping slightly off-center
  • Clip 2 – Continued good grouping slightly below the first group
  • Break, reload while watching hubby
  • Clip 3 – Still fairly good grouping
  • Clip 4 – I’m starting to get squirrely but I’m still keeping it together
  • Clip 5 – It’s getting ugly. Let’s change targets
  • Clip 6 – Mind adrenaline has not worn off. Body adrenaline is starting to wear off. Shots fired. Not very closely together
  • Clip 7 – I’d say this is around where this photo was taken and I can’t keep shit together
  • Clips 8 – 10 – That target up there is what the FBI tests on, or so I’m told. Let’s just say I won’t be joining up any time soon.

Nevertheless, it was frigging awesome. The folks at the range are super nice, the range itself is super nice, and one day, my shooting will be super nice. I see now that my budget spreadsheet will need another entry titled “Ammo” as I can certainly see going to the range 2 or 3 times a month. Again, I’m reminded that I wanted to get good at *something* this year and marksmanship is not out of the question.

Time to take my tired, low grade headache having self to work. Wishing you all a wonderful day, but really, that’s a shot in the dark. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Adventures At The Range

  1. Did you know I have my CCW? Well.. Actually I don’t yet. I took a course – weekend 3-day thing, with Duncan. As we’re going to go take the test for it, I’m starting to freak out a bit. Then Duncan is like “why are you nervous/scared/etc?” and I was like “because I’ve never touched a gun before in my life?” … haha. Well, they had me come in a couple times to practice, and then do the test.

    I passed with a 94% on a target like the one in your pic! Duncan only got an 80-something. Now I just have to get into the office on a day that they are giving CCWs and I have time to take off work…

    Do you have your CCW?

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