Nightmare. On My Street

This morning, I was at a loss for what to write about outside of why in the world is my body rejecting itself (stupid chick parts). I knew what I was going to write about tomorrow and I didn’t want to double up, so off I went to my handy dandy writing prompts. I’m actually surprised that I’m this far into the year (I know, all 40 days) and have had to use them so infrequently.

Today’s prompt was about nightmares, obviously. Fortunately, I haven’t had any nightmares lately that I recall, nor any dreams for that matter, but when I was just a lass, boy I tell ya, my horror story mind was constantly in overdrive. I had a few recurring nightmares (therapists, get out your notebooks!) and some that only happened once, but I still remember them.

  1. (recurring) The toilet – I had some fairly irrational fears as a child. One of them was the horror of an overflowing toilet. Not as irrational was my fear of water a little bit since I couldn’t swim, or at least not strongly. Put two and two together and I used to have nightmares about drowning in an overflowing toilet. Gross, huh? Never actually died in the dreams which is why I’m still here today, right?
  2. (recurring) The Laser Loop – Riders, hold on to the bar. 3, 2, 1, Gooooooo! We shot out of the gate like a kid caught in his girlfriend’s bedroom. Through the loop and on our way up to the peak to return backwards through the loop. Except, we don’t stop. The entire coaster train shoots up into the sky and we’re all terrified because we know this can’t end well. Never landed. Every time woke up with a screaming headache.
  3. (one time) House fire – Another of my childhood fears that holds on to this day is my house burning down. Fortunately, I’ve never experienced this tragedy first-hand, but my great grandmother died in a house fire when I was young (or at least that’s how I remember it) and the seeds were planted. Long dream short, I came home from school all slo-mo to find out that our house had burned to the ground. I woke up screaming.
  4. (recurring) Pirate ship/haunted house – This one is a little fuzzy and probably for good reason. I don’t recall everything, but I know that I was stuck in either a haunted house or a pirate ship (they alternated) and the only way out was to kill yourself. I know. I’m strange. I never did it though and the nightmare just continued until I woke.

Inside the psyche of your favorite blogger. Yeah, I’m putting words in your mouth. I’m your favorite. Go tell a friend! Make me their favorite too! Maybe? If I promise to focus? Maybe write a cohesive story? Ok, I’ll try, but you gotta hold up your end of the deal. See you back here tomorrow. Bring a friend.

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