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  1. I'm a totally biased opinion, but that won't stop me from saying GO FOR IT!! Are you looking at any one in particular? I don't know where my friends are scattered these days but if you give me a general area, I can get you a recommendation for which might be the best for ya. πŸ™‚

  2. I'm in the greater Los Angeles area. Currently looking at Hollywood Aerial Arts and a new school that just opened at the Santa Monica Pier. The SM Pier one sounded good till I realized it means everyone on the pier (which is thousands & thousands of people) would see all my screw ups. So… maybe not so much. But they also run their place as a "ride" – something like $10 for a single swing.I'm probably gonna try trapeze or hoops. I'm more serious than not – but that still isn't getting me very far.

  3. Hmm, I looked into both briefly. Both are really reputable. I "know" the owners of Hollywood Aerial Arts (friends of friends) and I have flown with the people who are set up at the SM Pier (they're a branch of Trapeze School New York). Everyone should be super nice people.
    If you have the time and cash, I would suggest giving them both a try to see who you like better. I think at TSNY, though, you will be limited to flying trapeze and silks whereas you have more options at HAA.
    If you want to do the trapeze closer to the ground, go HAA. You can fly there in an enclosed environment too should you want to try it. Hipe I've been more helpful than confusing! πŸ™‚

  4. yes, more helpful than confusing.i think HAA is an easier drive for me. TSNY sounds fun but I really hate the idea of the whole world being able to watch me EPIC FAIL. but i think you're right – I should try them both.

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