I call shenanigans on the cashier at CVS who asked me for ID to buy 5-hour energy.  I just read every word on the package and the only thing it says is not for use by children under 12 years of age.  TWELVE!!

I'm in freaking work clothes for pete's sake!  I only complied because, well, I really want it due to being up at the ass crack and needing to be awake for at least 8 more hours and because I already had my wallet open.  But seriously, be realistic, would ya?

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5 responses to “Seriously?!?!”

  1. I know that they have to track all the products that contain ephedrine (or related) – maybe the clueless clerk thought 5-hour energy was one of those? Or maybe he/she just wanted to get to know you better?

  2. CVS did this to me when I visited California last summer, I had gotten ill the minute I stepped off the train. I was hacking and coughing uncontrollably for days. Obviously I was ill when I stepped up to the register. "Can I see your ID?" Why? "I have to take down your number and name, we track OTC cold and allergy buyers" Gee maybe you should start calling them Behind The Counter meds then. Ya know, I sure wish California would track their drug traffickers or illegals this well …. the undesirable crap from down here is starting to ooze into Oregon, and we already have our hands full with drunk driving loggers.I swear the whole store went silent. Are they not use to people questioning stupidity in California?I saw it as a gentle reminder why I moved from that state, nice weather sure, but they do get crazy down there about silly things.

  3. I suppose that it's possible, but if you walk into this particular CVS, you'd know they're not tracking much, lol. I don't think she was very interested in getting to know me either…or at least I hope not. If I was swinging over to that side, it certainly wouldn't have been her. 😉

  4. Yes, leave the behind the counter stuff out front and unlocked, but put the over the counter stuff (like razor refills for my chick razor!) out front and locked and make me search for an associate to unlock it for 20 minutes.
    nice weather sure, but they do get crazy down there about silly things.
    Sounds like Florida. 🙂

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