ROCO Friday – Mother’s Day edition

Good morning my pretties.  Good morning and ROCO with your morning wood.  I'm so vulgar.

First, let me wish all the VoxMoms a Happy Mother's Day!  We all know that Moms ROCO with the best of them.  We are always beautiful, always helpful, nurses, teachers, fixers, do-ers, helpers, pick-me-up-ers, pillows, lovers, fighters, bitches when we have to be, cookers, cleaners, phone books, GPS systems, self-sacrificing, bad ass mo-fos.  So, yes, ROCO to all you Moms out there!

I think I heard the congregation say, ROCO!

The summer season is nearly upon us, my people.  Summer, the time when folks (mainly older European men) head to the beach in their Speedos and take ROCO too seriously.  Nice picture I paint, non?  Summer is the time for you, me, everybody, to Rock Out with Everything Out.  Your toes in your flip-flops, your leggies out of your shorts, your belly-button out of  your top, EVERYTHING!  Get outside and enjoy the weather, love your life, live for the moment, and do what….?


Another week has passed us by.  Have you done your best to live up to the ROCO standards?  Should I make ROCO standards?  I might, but only if the congregation has input.  You see, I must attempt to work towards this degree, so I do not spend as much time here in the Church of Rocking Out of Danglers Outside your Undies as I would like.  But like all good head(s), I listen to what you like and I act on it.  So, if my people say we need standards, then standards we shall have.


Without further ado, I am going to provide you with a little ditty to start your weekend ROCO style. If you are of age, then go right ahead and tap that bottle.  Or buy a bottle for Mom to tap.  After all, she's put up with a lot of your crap.

<passes the collection plate for Moms>

Have a wonderful weekend all, and if I haven't said it enough, make sure you give props to the lady that gave you life.  I'll be at the back of the joint shakin hands and kissin babies on the way out.




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