Happy Birthday to MommaShyner

Yup, today is her birthday.  She's spending it, and the rest of the week in the Domincan Republic.  It's her first full week vacation in almost 10 years.  So happy birthday to her and I hope that she's having a great time. (She won't use her phone over there because of the charges, but I did send her a text message.)

She came to the house yesterday since her flight was leaving fromMiami.  She always gets close to the house but then gets lost.  I had to go get her.  She said that I looked so pretty when I was driving up.  Funny since I hadn't showered and my hair was up in a ponytail.  But hey, I guess I'll take my compliments where I can get them.  She says that I've changed a lot since I've been here in Miami.  I don't see it.

I asked Lovey if he thought that I was prettier now than I was two years ago.  Right, like he's gonna answer that.  I have something that he likes to frequent and he certainly isn't gonna jeopardize not getting to utilize the playground.

So what do you think, Voxers?  Here's me almost three years ago:


Meh, I don't love that picture, but whatever.  Then here's me recently:

Actually, I don't love either of these pictures, but it's what I have since I typically avoid the camera like the plague.  So, outside of the obvious stuff like my hair is longer and my skin is certainly clearer, I don't really think I see much of a difference.  It's not like I can go backwards either, lol.  Damn not having an upper lip!



Mostly, I think I'm just not very photogenic.  MommaShyner and Kiddo are very photogenic though.  Guess it skips a generation.  Know what else skips a generation?  Talent.  Kiddo designed a dress for her 8th grade dance and my mom made it for her.  I'll post up on that later and while I don't really like the color scheme, it's still pretty good for an 8th grader and it looks like it could have been store bought so big ups to my talented family.

Oh well, happy Sunday all.  It's time for us to go to a BBQ. 🙂

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  • MiamiShyner

    @ uncagedbird: You know, I think you're right. I used to be all stressed and worried and now I just let (most) things roll right off my back.
    @grrrace: lol..I didn't get out of my ugly stage until I was like 16. I was a train wreck of a kid. Now I can actually look in the mirror (at the right angle) and think of myself as pretty. Only took 34 years to find some self-esteem. 🙂

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