Today’s typo

Comes to us courtesy of the good people at Generation Ink.  They do great stuff to help newbies get out and get some work in design type fields.  You can see their site here.

Welcome to GenInk!
We are a marketing company that prides itself in creating individualized resluts for each of our clients. We specialize in target marketing materials and web design.

That, my friends, is just plain awesome.  I prefer my sluts new, but I guess I'll take a reslut if I have to.

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7 responses to “Today’s typo”

  1. True. It might be nice if it came with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty, too. The last thing I'd want is my reslut to break on me 6 months in.

  2. I agree. If it's an individualized reslut, I assume they're customized. I've always had a secret yearning for a bright pink reslut with gold pinstriping.(Hi new neighbor! Thanks for making me snort, loudly, at work 🙂

  3. Reslut.. hahaha. That's a good term for some girls I know. Either that or it's a term for someone who was a slut and then decides to clean up their act, only to reslut themselves. Probably both.

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